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LegalMate 3.15 Integrates with Palm

Datadex Inc. has released LegalMate 3.15, the latest version of its law office case management software based on Filemaker Pro. It integrates contact management, rules-based calendaring, telephone and document logs, case management, timekeeping, billing and accounting functions, reports the company. The product is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Palm operating systems, as well as TeamAgenda from Teamsoft.

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Cost Tracking

Advanced Productivity Software Inc. has announced a new metering feature for Online LookUp software, which tracks costs of online electronic research. The metering feature allows firms to monitor software applications across the network and prevent unlicensed use. It tracks software applications on each PC, even with multiple offices, so long as the firms are connected by a WAN or Intranet.

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Bye Bye Iridium

Iridium customers have received notices from Motorola that the troubled satellite phone system may be turned off, leaving them holding useless phones that cost $3,000, reports USA Today. Once off, the $6 billion system might not be able to be restarted, turning the 66 satellites into space litter. Motorola built, operates and owns 18 percent of Iridum, which has been shopping for a new buyer.

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BlumbergExcelsior has announced the release of Blankrupter 2.4 and Blankrupter Singles 2.4 (a single case Web-based version). The software produces all current Official Forms for bankruptcy filings in Chapter 7, 11, and 13. New features include automated state and federal and non-bankruptcy exemptions; and more.

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DecisionQuest's CaseSoft division has released TimeMap, which helps lawyers produce visuals for use during hearings and trials. Users can create timeline graphs by entering information directl, or importing it from CaseMap software.

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WORLDOX has announced that its namesake document management system now integrates with ProLaw Software, the two companies report.



EDGAR Online Inc. has announced a partnership with Perfect Information, a U.K.-based company that supplies original documentation on public companies in the U.K., Europe and Asia.

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Distribution Alliances

Motion Media Technology has signed two new distributors for its mm225 business videophone. 2C Communications Group Inc., of Burlington, Mass., and Digital Connections Inc., of Omaha, now offer the unit in their regions. The mm225 is a standalone videophone aimed at lawyers and other businesses.

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Loki Technologies has introduced Internet products and services for attorneys who represent "" clients. Offerings include Web strategy consulting, custom Intranet/Extranet and Web site development.

Enter no. 390 after clicking here. has launched LegalForum, a real-time Web-based collaboration tool. It helps lawyers write, edit, approve and track documents. It offers authentication and digital signature technology; session tracking; billing; archiving and integrated teleconferencing.

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Priority Pay Inc., in cooperation with IBM, has rolled out its Web-based payroll service. Initially targeting small firms and businesses, it provides payroll processing in real-time, without special software.

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Philmore Productions, of Chicago, has announced Net-by-Phone, which enables access to POP3 e-mail accounts, Usenet newsgroups and Web pages using a touch-tone phone. A computerized voice reads e-mail, Usenet articles and Web content to callers, who can can respond by using a voice reply attachment.

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Open Text Corp., which provides Intranet, Extranet and e-business applications, has launched its myLivelink interface to Livelink's collaborative workspace.

Users have access to Livelink workspaces, projects, discussions, tasks, documents, news channels and other services. MyLivelink sorts and manages internal and external sources of information, such as Web sites and XML-based files.

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Open Text has also created, which it calls a cross-industry, collaborative marketplace. It leverages Livelink's collaborative capabilities and the myLivelink interface, and offers access to e-business applications, business content, hosting for virtual projects, Internet and Intranets, and trading communities, it says.

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