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April 2001
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Networking & Storage

The CS200 Server is a new 1U rackmount server, from Crystal Group Inc. It measures 1.7 x 19 x 30 inches and allows up to 42 individual units to be placed in a standard seven rack or cabinet.It features a custom motherboard with options including: Intel's Dual Pentium III processor; two ISA or two PCI slots; programmable LCD, front and rear USB ports; and two Ethernet ports. It has a customizable front faceplate that can be removed to access the CD-ROM, floppy drive, hard drives, or CompactFlash.

Information: Reader Response no. 238.


I lay awake at night realizing how dependent I have become on technology and that I can't go back. What would happen to me if I had no laptop, no Blackberry, no cell phone, no e-mail and no Web to browse--just a pen and pencil? I would actually have to get a life. God help me!

--Albert Barsocchini

SanDisk Corp. offers a new 512 MB CompactFlash memory card and as a 128 MB SmartMedia memory card. SanDisk also offers 256 MB and 384 MB standard CF cards for digital cameras and MP3 players.

Information: Reader Response no. 239.

The NetFORCE 3200C Cluster, from Procom Technology Inc., is a network attached storage (NAS) filer. It offers a dual-active server configuration that provides automatic failover in less than five seconds, leaving applications and users unaffected even in the event of catastrophic server failure, the company says.

Information: Reader Response no. 240.

The USB Four-Port Serial Adapter, from Keyspan, allows four serial devices to be connected to a single USB port. DB9 ports allows connection to RS232 serial devices at data rates up to 960 Kbps.

Information: Reader Response no. 241.

Alohabob 360º Move! Files and Settings Relocator software, from Eisenworld Inc., helps I.T. professionals transfer user customized settings from one PC to another. It allows data files, e-mails, bookmarks, and selected desktop and application settings to be relocated to the to the new computer safely and efficiently.

Information: Reader Response no. 242.

Top 10 Worst

1. LGA
2. EWR
3. ORD
4. SFO
5. BOS
6. PHL
7. JFK
8. ATL
9. IAH
10. PHX
Source: F.A.A.

DarkSite, from Crystal Group Inc., is a platform-independent management tool that monitors the health of servers and notifies users of potential problems. It helps users select which hardware and software systems are monitored and how users will be contacted. It allows remote administration from any browser on the users network or the Web.

Information: Reader Response no. 243.

Legacy Storage Systems Corp. has qualified Hitachi's DK30CJ line of SCSI and fibre channel disk drives for use in its UDSS and Netmate product lines offering SCSI, fibre and NAS RAID and optical storage systems.

Information: Reader Response no. 244.

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