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April 2002
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Law Technology News Editorial Guidelines

To reach us

BY MAIL: Law Technology News 105 Madison Ave. 7th floor New York, N.Y., 10016.


BY PHONE: 800-537-2128 x 9081 or 9082. Direct: (212) 313-9081 or 9082.



We do not accept press releases via fax.


Monica Bay, editor-in-chief (x 9081)

Shane DeLeers, managing editor (x 9081)

Assistant editor (x 9082)

Roberto Jimenez, art director (x 9112)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Law Technology News welcomes submission of press releases about new products and services, as well as proposals for bylined articles. We hope these guidelines will assist you in preparing materials for submission.

--Monica Bay

The basics: All press releases should contain a clear, thorough description of your product or service. If it is not a legal-specific product, it is helpful to tell us how the product/service is applicable to legal environments. If your release is an upgrade of an existing product, please be certain to provide information about the underlying product, as well as advise us about key features of the upgrade.

Please note: We do not run "raw" press releases. All product and service announcements in LTN are written by LTN staff, based on the information provided by vendors. We do not, however, rank or "review" products (other than bylined article discussions in our various columns).

Editorial Guidelines Deadlines: Although we accept releases 7/24/365, it's a good idea to get releases to us by the 5th of the month, in order to be considered for inclusion in the following month's issue. We accept releases via snail or e-mail, but not by fax. We will accept embargoed releases, but we will not sign non-disclosure agreements.

Less is not more: If you don't give us enough details, you may get less coverage than you deserve. (But please don't snow us with piles of material.) Our standard announcements run approximately three to five paragraphs. Although it is helpful to have a referral to your Web site, please do not expect us to go to the Web site to find your press release or to get basic information.

Essential information: LTN always needs to know the release date of the product/service, the full, formal name of the company, its headquarter city, contact persons with phone numbers, and Web site URLs. Please do not make us hunt for this info on your Web site, it can result in your item not getting into the issue. As a general rule, we do not publish pricing information in LTN.

Don't be sneaky: If you are a distributor, please be careful to clearly identify the manufacturer of the product, and the headquarters of both the distributor and the manufacturer. Please do not attempt to disguise the relationship, it will only backfire and undermine your credibility.

We'll call you: If you e-mail your release to, you will get an automatic "bot" acknowledging receipt. Tip: Please do not routinely call us to ask if we have received your press release or to ask if we have any questions. We understand that many PR advisors say that's a great way to try to connect with an editor, but to be honest, we get about 1,000 releases per month, and it puts us on the spot --it's embarrassing to have to tell you that we don't remember, off the top of our head, whether we got your press release. However, if there is a special circumstance, or if you have reason to believe there has been a problem receiving your release, feel free to call and we will be happy to assist you.

E-mail tip: Be sure that if you are sending a press release as an e-mail attachment that it is properly labeled, as the attachments frequently get separated from cover letters.

Our quirks and pet peeves: Please avoid industry acronyms, jargon and cliches. The word "solution" has become utterly meaningless, and will never appear in LTN unless it's part of the name of a company. Other words to avoid: Deploy (this isn't the military); robust (nor are we doing food reviews); mission-critical (what's the mission?); enterprise (this isn't the Starfleet); seamless (are we in sewing class?); and the "i" words: implement and initiative. And the latest buzz word: "form factor!"

Art requirements: Send color art (graphics/photos) with all releases. Please be sure that it is a small file, and at least 300 dpi, tiff, jpeg, gif file, or some other format that can be opened via Adobe PhotoShop 5.5. Art normally runs no larger than 2 inches. As a general rule, screen shots are not effective; a box shot or logo is preferable. Be sure to label the art with your company (and product) name, as we get hundred of files and they are filed separately from the press releases.

Bylined Articles: If you are interested in writing for LTN, please e-mail a brief query letter to We have an editorial calendar and specific guidelines for bylined articles (and guidelines for our IT@ column). Just e-mail for a copy. Tip for PR staff: Don't pitch us on stories until you've had a chance to review the magazine.

President's Corner/Page 1: Each month, LTN selects an exceptional product or service to appear on the front page in our President's Corner. People often ask how we choose each month's winner. The competition for this placement is fierce. Every month is different, and it is impossible to predict ahead of time what product or service will land in the PC spot.

Many factors go into the selection. Most important: the newsworthiness of the product or service -- i.e., how it can be anticipated to impact the legal profession. This does not necessarily mean the product that will affect the largest number of most lawyers or firms. For example, a release of exciting new software designed specifically for probate and estate lawyers could be selected, even if its audience is relatively small.

We also consider the recent history of the company, and whether it has been featured on the cover in the past year. We look at the credibility of the company: Is it a start-up? Does it have a track record? Who's funding the company? This doesn't mean that start-ups are precluded, but it means that we consider those issues in evaluating whether the product or service is likely to do what it says it will do and, in essense, be truly viable.

One factor that never enters into the decisionmaking: whether or not the company advertises in LTN. You cannot buy President's Corner -- or any other coverage -- in LTN. There also are no favorites or automatic frontrunners. It's judged solely on the merits of the product or service.

Finally, but very important, is the quality of the submitted photography. Sometimes, we find ourselves with two (or three) products or services that are just about equal in newsworthiness. In those situations, the quality of the art can tip the scale. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that if you are asked to submit photographs, that you provide studio-quality photos.

If you have a product or service that you believe merits consideration for page 1 or President's Corner, it's a good idea (but not essential) to submit us the media kit at least six weeks ahead of the cover date of the next issue.

Finally, warm thanks for your interest in LTN! We hope these guidelines are helpful!

Law Technology News Editorial Guidelines
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