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April 2002
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CrossEyes 2.0 Reveals Formatting

Levit & James Inc., of Leesburg, Va., has released that latest version of its CrossEyes utility, which provides a complete view of all formatting and coding elements in documents created with Microsoft Corp.'s Word software.

The upgrade includes a new auto-refresh feature, which automatically updates the display as typists move through documents. Each formatting element in Word is shown in its own color, in-line with the text in the document.

Reader Response no. 260.


ContactEast & Juris

San Francisco-based Cole Valley Software, and Brentwood, Tenn.'s Juris Inc. have announced the addition of a direct link between CVS' ContactEase client relationship management software and Juris time-and-billing software. Using Juris' built-in Active-X control for drill-down client inquiries, both summary and detailed financial information is available to ContactEast users when looking up client or matter information in their systems.

Reader Response no. 261.

InterAction 4.5

Interface Software, of Oakbrook, Ill., has released InterAction 4.5, the latest version of its client relationship management software. The upgrade improves performance in data mining, says the company, and decrease the potential for duplicate entries. It also includes improvements to reporting and export functions, added administrative capabilities, and enhanced synchronization with Palm Inc. organizers.

Reader Response no. 262.


ChoicePoint Library

ChoicePoint, of Alpharetta, Ga., has launched an online and CD-ROM service to give employers access to current state and federal drug screening and background screening laws, regulations and case law.

ChoicePoint's WorkPlace Solutions State Law Reference Library helps reduce research costs for firms that need information about multiple jurisdictions, by compiling the material into a single site, it says. The online site is updated daily; the CD is issued annually, it says.

Reader Response no. 263.


CCH Inc. Viewplan

ViewPlan estate planning software from CCH Inc., of Riverwoods, Ill., has been updated to address the ramifications of legislation that is scheduled to repeal federal estate tax by 2010. A new tool called "Law Builder" has been added to the software to enable planners to deal with the "what ifs" that will result from the 2001 legislation. In addition to the rates specified by the latest tax legislation, users can specify rates and exclusion amounts, and examine scenarios using rates prior to the 2001 changes.

Three other new features, "Scenario Shortcuts," "Quick Plan" and the "CCH Client DataXchange" have been added, it notes.

Reader Response no. 264.

Cowles Updates

Eau Claire, Wisc.'s Cowles Legal Systems Inc. has announced the release of version 11.0 of its Trust Plus estate planning system and the TrusTerminator post-mortem program.

Trust Plus creates wills and trusts; TrusTerminator generates the documents and correspondence required to terminate a revocable trust, says the company.

The upgrades have enhanced customization and client information import features, the company notes.

The company also offers an Internet seminar, "Streamlining Your Estate Planning Practice."

Reader Response no. 265.


Discovery Cracker

DocuLex, based in Winter Haven, Fla., has released Discovery Cracker Suite 2.0, its electronic discovery database creation software.

The software was created in partnership with Advocate Solutions, reports DocuLex, which creates document imaging software for law firms and corporate legal departments.

Discovery Cracker creates litigation databases with associated images, full text files and metadata from e-mail systems and electronic files (including Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite, Lotus, Corel Corp.'s WordPerfect software, and others).

The program can export to DocuLex, Summation, Concordance, IPRO and other third party software.

Reader Response no. 266.


Ruth A. Rowlette, Inc., of Sacramento, has released The SETTLOR, a software package designed to assist attorneys, mediators, negotiators and arbitrators negotiate settlements.

It computes two metrics for each offer, one measuring the strength of the offer, the other the degree of compromise. It also calculates a "Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement" for each party.

Reader Response no. 267.

I-DEP Upgrades

I-DEP L.L.C. reports that its namesake Internet deposition service can now be used by users whose computers operate on proxy servers. I-DEP is a streaming media Internet-based deposition service that includes full video, two-way audio, real time transcript and a built-in chat feature that allows attorneys to communicate with both on-site and off-site participants. Lawyers can take, participate in or monitor a deposition from any online computer, with no additional software or hardware to purchase.

The new enhancements allow the use of the proxy servers, which impose an intermediate connection between a PC and the Internet in order to bolster security and speed, it says.

Reader Response no. 268.


Pike & Fischer Inc.

Pike & Fischer Inc., of Silver Spring, Md., are offering a subscription Web service, Internet Law & Regulation.

The site reports news in the Internet law field, and subscriptions include a weekly print newsletter. It allows researchers to access a case law library with full-text cases, statutes, digests, pleadings, analysis and more.

Reader Response no. 269.


Coaching for Lawyers

Daniel Roberts, of Santa Rosa, Calif., has launched a new Web site designed to help attorneys evaluate their law practice, legal career and personal life.

The site,, includes a 180-question assessment test, that addresses job satisfaction, profitability, future prospects, work environment and productivity. Other questions focus on relationships, finances, health and more.

Reader Response no. 270.


Bizography Inc., of Atlanta, has introduced eBizToolBox, a suite of produces and services designed to automate small- and mid-sized firms. It includes BizPayroll, BizWebDesign, BizWebHosting, BizMedia (marketing), BizDSL, and BizConsulting.

Reader Response no. 271.

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