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April 2002
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Security Checkpoint

Boss Everyware Monitors Activity

Alexander Jmerik has released Boss Everyware 2.4, software that records data about how a computer is being used. It keeps a log of which programs a user has run and for how long, and it records all of the users' keystrokes, allowing the computer owner or network administrator to inspect all usage.

The software logs inactivity, installations, and what specific Web sites are being visited. It can be password protected, accessible only to the network administrator, and acting as a deterrent, it can display a customizable warning message that tells users the program is running, or it can be totally hidden. New features include the abilities to delete older records from the logs, and specify which users will be monitored.

Reader Response no. 231.

QuickWiper 7.3

Moscow's AKS-Labs Inc. introduces QuickWiper 7.3, a utility that securely and completely deletes files leaving them unrecoverable by any means, via right-click or drag-and-drop. Users of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer can use the program to one-click delete cookies, history, cache, temporary files and typed URLs.

Reader Response no. 233.


London's GFI Software Ltd. announces LANguard Network Scanner 2.0, a commercial and freeware tool for conducting security audits on Windows-based networks. The commercial edition helps administrators compare consecutive scan results for instant identification of new security holes. Both versions detect known network vulnerabilities in areas such as HTTP, FTP and SMTP services.

Reader Response no. 235.

AtomicLog 2

New York City's TIFNY has released AtomicLog 2, software that monitors a computer's Web site visits, sent and received e-mail, file transfers, chat room sessions, videoconferencing, and all Web activity.

Users can merge historical and real-time usage to view how their computer is being used online. It also stops spyware, filters out unacceptable Web sites and blocks advertisements.

Reader Response no. 236.


Astonsoft, of Estonia, has released PC DoorGuard 2.15, a Trojan and virus intrusion scanner that identifies and deletes Trojans funning in memory, as well as infected system files, Registry entries, and other infected files. It eliminates Trojans and malicious files.

Reader Response no. 237.

Outpost Firewall

Cyprus' Agnitum has released Outpost Firewall, a personal firewall for Windows featuring an open architecture and support for plug-ins. It protects systems from e-mail-based worm and virus attacks, cookies, backdoors, spyware and adware; and it can filter e-mail based on content, and prevent dangerous attachments from executing. Outpost also performs Web filtering, offers a privacy guard feature and a plug-in that blocks banner advertisements.

Reader Response no. 238.

WebAgain 2.5

Scottsdale, Ariz.'s Lockstep Systems Inc. has introduced WebAgain 2.5, software that automatically repairs hacked Web sites by detecting unauthorized changes to site content, and automatically restoring the original content without requiring human intervention.

It detects unauthorized files protects organizations from hackers who add data to a Web site, including Trojan horses designed to destroy files on a Web server.

WebAgain now processes archive and quarantine data more quickly, and in conjunction with faster access to FrontPage Servers support is now allowed for larger Web sites and more virtual domains per Web server.

Reader Response no. 239.


Fullerton, Calif.'s FutureWare has released the FutureWare EMail POP3 Alerter application, which provides visual and audio notification of when e-mail is available for retrieval from a remote e-mail server using the standard POP3 protocol, without having to have the regular e-mail client program running.

This adds a level of security by previewing the pending e-mail and selectively deleting them.

Reader Response no. 240.

Panda Security Watch

Los Angeles' Panda Software announces its new virus alert system, Panda Security Watch.

An opt-in e-mail alert, it provides users with information about new viruses and corresponding threat levels, and is updated daily to protect against latest generation viruses.

When a new major virus is discovered, an e-mail will be sent to each user who has opted-in to the alert, along with instructions for disinfection. Panda also offers users currently utilizing other antivirus software or none at all, the opportunity to disinfect their systems.

Reader Response no. 241.

Modem Spy 2.6

SoftCab Inc., of Toronto, announces Modem Spy 2.6, a utility that secretly records phone calls and Caller ID information via the user's modem.

It includes an optional answering machine mode, and users can convert records to any voice format such as MP3, WAV, etc. The program features a popup Caller ID window, an interface for jotting text notes regarding phone calls, and an option to remind the remote party about the recording.

Reader Response no. 242.

ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0

ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 San Francisco's Zone Labs Inc. announces ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0, software providing online privacy protection, ad blocking, cookie control capabilities, and security for local area networks, including wireless networks.

It prevents Trojan horses by "fingerprinting" which programs have permission to access the Internet, and fingerprinting individual components of each programs to prevent hackers from abusing trusted programs, the company reports.

Reader Response no. 234.

E-Z Loc Cargo Seals

E-Z Loc Cargo Seals E-Z Loc cargo security seal is now being equipped with non-preformed cable that frays catastrophically when cut, making the cable impossible to reinsert into the lock body, reports manufacturer TydenBrammall, headquartered in Angola, Ind.

The E-Z Loc Seal also offers tracking and inventory capabilities.

The seal's corrosion-resistant, zinc-cast, serialized lock body can be color-coded, bar-coded, and/or custom laser-engraved.

Reader Response no. 243.

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