December 1995

New on the Net

Research Institute of America has opened a home page on the Internet. The page features weekly tax news, and information on tax-related subjects. Coverage includes federal, state and local tax and pension and benefit news. The page offers links to download RIA product demonstrations and brochures,.

The new home page can be found at

West Publishing of Eagan, Minn., has announced the creation of home pages for all of the nearly 900,000 profiles contained in West's Legal Directory. West reports it will create a home page for each private practice attorney, law firm, corporate counsel, government attorney and other legal professional listed on the WLD.

The home pages will be available without charge to users browsing the web and to clients interested in gathering information on lawyers. West is offering law firms the ability to customize their home pages. These customized home pages can include color graphics and hypertext links to attorneys' professional WLD profile pages. Law firms can further customize their home pages by including firm history, practice areas or firm specialties and in-house publication listings.

For more information ENTER no. 296 after Clicking Here.

Innovative Security Products of Kansas City, Kan., has posted a home page that offers an Incident Reporting Service.

This service allows individuals to report anonymously security breaches and PC thefts.

The home page also includes information about the company's security products; a monthly paper that provides a strategic security plan for companies; and a monthly newsletter with up-to-date information on shows, events and news about computer security.

The new service is located at

Alumni Computer Group, developer of PC LAW and PC Lawjr legal software, has opened a home page that supplies product and training information; technical support; articles about the company and its products; press releases; answers to common questions; and a communications center for corresponding with Alumni.

The Buffalo, N.Y., company's home page is located at

DocuMagix of San Jose, Calif., announced the availability of PaperMaster TD, a test drive version of the company's PaperMaster software, on its Web site.

The test drive will be available without charge when downloaded from DocuMagix Online, the company's presence on the web.

DocuMagix can be found at

Portait Display Labs of Fremont, Calif., is introducing The Monitor Home Page on the World Wide Web. The site offers questions about the company's monitors and also offers tips on buying monitors, keeping discomfort to a minimum, ergonomics, and anti-glare tactics. The URL of the new site is

Ladera Press of Menlo Park, Calif., has published a free Multimedia Law Primer that is available on the Internet and other online services. The Primer, which is based on the company's Multimedia Law Handbook, provides an overview of the legal issues involved in developing and creating a multimedia work. It also includes a hypothetical that describes the steps necessary to create a multimedia history of Wall Street.

The Primer is available on the Internet at

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