January 1996

Harvard Plays Host To Spring Symposium

The Harvard Journal of Law & Technology's Spring Symposium, High Technology, Antitrust, and the Regulation of Competition will be held in Austin Hall, on the Harvard Law School Campus on March 9. The symposium will include a series of presentations and a moderated panel discussion. Papers presented at the symposium will be published in the Journal's Summer Issue.

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Workshop Covers Net Start-Up Training

National Seminars Group will be offering a one-day program on Understanding and Using the Internet. The course covers five topics: a basic explanation of the Internet; how to communicate on the Internet; how to use e-mail effectively; tools to enhance your Internet operations; and using the World Wide Web.

The course will be offered at the following locations:

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SkillPath Schedules Software Workshops

SkillPath Seminars has schedule workshops on Windows 95, Word for Windows, WordPerfect for Windows and Excel for Windows. Each one-day workshop includes step-by-step guidance and a session that addresses the most advanced features and shortcuts built into each program. The four seminars are:

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One-Day Excel Course Will Run During Feb.

A one-day seminar on Microsoft Excel will be offered at various locations in the New York, tri-state area in February. The program, Excel, is designed for beginning to intermediate users and will cover versions 4.0 and 5.0 for Windows and Macintosh. The program, which is offered by Fred Pryor Seminars, will include coverage of:

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