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Law Technology Product News (Volume 5, Issue 5, p. 7, col. 1)
Mid-April 1998

Tools for Office Management: CD-ROM Networking

DataFORCE 100, from Procom Technology Inc. of Irvine, Calif.: DataFORCE 100 is an alternative to smaller and slower seven-disc, 24X entry-level CD-ROM towers, Procom says, noting that the system is compatible with Windows NT, NetWare and OS/2 networks, as well as IPX and TCP/IP protocols. The system networks up to 10 CD-ROMs that are migrated to a fast hard drive and then served from that drive directly to the client at 53X with an 11 millisecond seek time, the company says. The system uses Procom Technology's CD FORCE software, which offers administrators unparalleled flexibility in the distribution of CD-ROM-based data, according to the company.

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SmartCD v.2.5 for Windows NT, from Smart Storage Inc. of Andover, Mass.: SmartCD includes SmartCD for access, SmartCD for recording, SmartCD for integrated recording and access, and SmartCD for API Toolkits. According to the company, SmartCD is an ideal product for network CD production, and LAN and Internet storage applications. For firms interested in creating their own CDs, Smart Storages explains, SmartCD for recording v. 2.5. incorporates advanced recording functions.

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Netserve/CD 2400, from Optical Access International Inc. of Woburn, Mass.: This 24-drive networked CD-ROM server breaks the 1 MB per second data transfer barrier, making it as fast as Ethernet. OAI says that Netserve/CD 2400 provides a direct network attachment for CD-ROMs rather than a host file server with a SCSI connection to a CD tower. This unshackles CD-ROM drives and makes them accessible to all network users.

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Ultra 86X, from Todd Enterprises of Plainview, N.Y.: This seven-drive tower features an MCD accelerator module with Ultra Wide SCSI system, says Todd, that offers law firms and other networked environments up to 1,200 percent greater throughput than traditional CD-ROM networks, says Todd, adding that Ultra 86X enables users to upgrade current CD-ROM towers. The module automatically migrates the CD-based information to a dedicated hard disk drive, it says.

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CD-Express Connect, from Micro Design International of Winter Park, Fla.: This LAN-attach CD-ROM tower is powered by the StorPoint CD engine, and it is bundled with a CD-ROM utility for managing media for a complete plug-and-play solution, says MDI. In addition, the company notes that CD-Express Connect accesses data directly from the network with a 32-bit RISC processor; 32 MB of cache memory allows those using NetWare with NFS, Microsoft Windows 3.x, NT or Windows 95, OS/2, UNIX, and World Wide Web and Intranet clients to have simultaneous access.

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