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Law Technology Product News (Volume 5, Issue 5, p. 7, col. 3)
Mid-April 1998

Tools for Office Management: Security

SynCrypt, from SynData Technologies Inc. of Cedar Grove, N.J.: The company says that SynCrypt is the first "one-click" application-level security software product that gives law firms complete freedom to communicate privately and securely. SynCrypt is designed to allow every firm employee to learn to use it quickly and make it part of their daily routine, says SynData, which adds that you can learn more about SynCrypt at

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NetShield Security Suite, from McAfee Software of Santa Clara, Calif.: This product offers both virus and hacker security protection for application servers, Internet gateways and groupware computing environments. The company says that NetShield integrates six products with a common administration console that simplifies network administration. McAfee says that NetShield Security Suite prevents virus attacks and hacker intrusion before they can impact an organization.

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Encryption Plus Lite and Encryption Plus for Zip Drives, from PC Guardian of San Raphael, Calif.: The Lite version is a no-frills, secure directory-only application for notebooks and PCs, says the company, that is ideal for legal professionals and other users who don't require full hard-disk encryption. Encryption Plus for Zip Drives protects data on Zip disks against unauthorized use or access, PC Guardian says.

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Guard Dog Deluxe, from Cybermedia Inc. of Santa Monica, Calif.: According to Cybermedia, the program integrates a variety of defenses to make using the Web safer. It defends against hostile Java applets and Active-X controls, eliminating viruses, corralling "Trojan Horses," protecting sensitive information, controlling "cookies" and more, CyberMedia says.

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Private-I, Pearl Software of Chester Springs, Pa.: Private-I uses key encryption to share data securely, Pearl says, permitting all e-mails and data attachments to be encrypted and decrypted -- even between parties communicating with different e-mail software programs. The program, the company reports, eliminates the need to send attachments in a standard format to circumvent complications arising from incompatible e-mail programs.

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