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Law Technology Product News (Volume 5, Issue 5, p. 7, col. 3)
Mid-April 1998

Tools for Office Management: Videoconferencing

SmileVision, from Smile International Inc. of Costa Mesa, Calif.: This videoconferencing CCD PC camera offers legal professionals and other users cost-effective, high-quality video interaction in a wide range of personal computer applications, according to the company. The SmileVision camera enables users to interact with others in real time, face-to-face, anywhere, Smile says. The tiny camera -- which weighs about 180 grams -- makes videoconferencing easy and affordable, even routine, for today's small, medium and large law offices, in-house law departments and other enterprises, the company adds.

Compact and lightweight, SmileVision is a highly versatile color video camera employing an electronic auto iris and a 0.20-inch, 250,000-pixel CCD sensor, Smile reports. Featuring hand-adjustable focal length and backlight controls, the camera also provides a 50-degree view angle and facilitates positioning on its built-in 360-degree tilt/swivel base, it says.

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NetEnvelope, from NetVoyage Corp. of Orem, Utah: NetEnvelope improves and safeguards the process of sharing collaborative documents over the Internet, says NetVoyage, by automatically synchronizing changes made to documents and notifying users of those changes. When a NetEnvelope is saved and closed, it synchronizes to upload the changes to update other copies, assigning each user's change a different color to avoid confusion, NetVoyage explains.

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WebPhone 3.1, from Netspeak Corp. of Boca Raton, Fla.: This version of Internet telephony software includes such features as support for multiple languages, enlarged video display mode, automatic voice detection and clarity adjustment. Faster video frame delivery is available for low - and high-bandwidth connections and the program automatically detects and adjusts to the user's voice.

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Video Flyer 384, from RSI Systems Inc. of Edina, Minn.: This lightweight, portable videoconferencing system operates with the simplicity of a TV remote control, says the company. The system uses a single-board design that uses flash memory instead of traditional hard disk for storage, providing lawyers and other users with unparalleled reliability, the company adds. The self-contained, multi-platform system offers TV-quality audio and video, refined so that there is no delay in movement and full lip-sync performance, RSI explains.

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ViaTV Phone, from 8x8 Inc. of Santa Clara, Calif.: The VC105 is a videophone camera that works with a standard TV set and tone telephone, allowing users to identify callers with the caller-ID function or monitor their office using the auto-answer feature, says the company. The caller-ID feature displays the number of the incoming call across the television screen instead of a standalone box, and it records the time, date and phone number of the last four incoming calls, according to the company, while the auto answer turns the unit on after a selected number of rings, enabling the VC105 to be used in monitoring or security applications.

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