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Mid-September 1997

From The Editors

This issue marks yet another milestone for Law Technology Product News: our first single-topic, supplemental issue -- an Internet/Intranet annual roundup. You'll find hundreds of products, systems and services organized in these categories:

Authoring Tool
Backup Service
Case Management Software
CD-ROM Database
Communications Service
Communications Software
Computer Peripheral
Data Back-Up Service
Document Management Software
Electronic Commerce Software
Electronic Publishing Software
E-Mail Server
E-Mail Service
E-Mail Software
Encryption Software
Internet Access Device
Internet Access Suite
Internet Equipment
Internet/Intranet Server
Internet/Intranet Software
Internet Management Software
Internet Servers
Internet Services
Internet Software
Intranet/Extranet Software
Intranet Server
Intranet Server Software
Intranet Software
Intranet Training Software
Job Search Software
Legal Periodical
Message Management Software
Network Software
Note-Taking Software
Online Services
Reference Books
Reference Guide
Research Survey
Security Equipment
Security Software
Telecommunications System
Text Retrieval Software
Videoconferencing Software
Web Publishing Service

It will come as no surprise to most of our readers that the Internet and the technology that underlies it is the focus. Four years ago, when LTPN began its explosive growth, quickly becoming "the Bible" of the legal technology industry, the Internet was something that most of us didn't even know existed. Today, many of us wonder how we ever got along without the marvels the Internet gives us.

We've changed the format for this special issue to make it an ongoing resource for keeping up to speed with the dynamic development of the Internet. There are more articles than we usually run, which are intended to be a useful guide to many of the problems and issues posed by the new technology.

And we've created a roundup of every Internet/Intranet-related product, system or service that has been featured in LTPN during the past year. We hope this overview will help our readers choose the Internet items that are right for them, theirs firms or their companies.

We extend our thanks to the many vendors and manufacturers who have been so conscientious about sending LTPN their new product announcements. Your cooperation in this endeavor has enabled us to become the most timely and widely circulated publication in the industry.


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