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Lawnet Conference

IT Directors Gather in Palm Springs, California

By Randi Mayes

For more information about LawNet or the annual conference, contact:

Randi Mayes

Executive Director

LawNet, Inc.

(512) 280-7172



IT Directors Gather in Palm Springs, California
LAWNET'S goal is to leverage the use of technology to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of its member organizations.

LawNet members come from firms of all sizes and all areas of practice, each sharing a common need to have access to the latest information about products and support services that impact the legal profession.

The LawNet conferences enjoy a long tradition of providing cost-effective technical solutions as well as outstanding networking opportunities to attendees.

Expert speakers, consultants, technical exhibitors, and strategists, many from the member law firms and legal departments that comprise LawNet's membership are brought together in a casual atmosphere conducive to networking and the exchange of ideas and solutions.

There will be a multitude of educational sessions (we highlight just a few in the accompanying chart), as well as a comprehensive exhibit of products and services that focus on the legal community, and engaging social activities. All in the setting of the beautiful La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California -- and all demonstrating the power of technology.

10:00 TO NOON
Applications Track
Document Management Shootout- Finding What Works For Your Firm (PC Docs, iManage, GroupWise and WorlDox)
Ross L. Kodner (moderator)
President; Microlaw, Inc.

Sean Curry
IS Manager; Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C.

Clay Gibney
IT Director; Woods Rogers & Hazelgrove P.L.C.

David Hill
Director of Technology; Davis and Co.

This session pulls no punches looking at the best and worst aspects of these essential document system tools. Speakers from four firms, each using a different document management system, present the reasons that they chose the software, the implementation process, issues resolved/unresolved, and the features of the software that their firm found to be the most beneficial.
11:00 TO NOON
Other Technologies
Court Dreams: What Trial Lawyers Expect and Hope For from Their MIS Staff
Mike Russell
Chief Technology Officer; Spencer Fane Britt & Browne L.L.P.

Monica Bay (moderator)
Law Technology News, American Lawyer Media Inc.

John Tredennick,
Holland and Hart

Sam Guiberson,
Streaming Media Management Inc.

MIS staffs are called upon to supply easy-to-use tools for lawyers who must think quickly on their feet during trials. Courtroom tools must enhance, not distract, presentations. This session will outline the latest tools, such as real-time transcripts, projection devices, PowerPoint, Internet repositories, document management, etc. But what will make the session unique is that we will specifically address the expectations of lawyers dealing with MIS staff. What do lawyers want, use, like, hate?
11:00 TO NOON
Strategy & Management
Competing for Talent, The Makeover of an IT Organization
Eva Steiner
Director of Information Technology;
Dewey Ballantine L.L.P.
Ms. Steiner will illustrate key steps of staffing, managing and retaining IT professionals, drawing on her own successes and failures to provide insight into the difficult process.
3:00 TO 4:00
Corporate & Government Track
Merging of Knowledge Management, Document Management, Collaboration, and Workflow ­ How Do I Sort it All Out?
Lois Sell
Manager Legal Systems
United Technologies

Silas McCullough
Senior Systems Engineer; Union Square Technology Group

This presentation will offer definitions of these four terms; point out their differences and similarities, and finally discuss some of the technologies addressing these four areas. Finally, the challenges of utilizing these technologies in a corporate legal department will be discussed in the context of how they were addressed at United Technologies.
8:00 TO NOON
LawNet U ­ Track A
Planning For Windows 2000 Active Directory
James Moreo
Senior Systems Engineer; Union Square Technology Group
This session will overview the concepts and components of Microsoft Active Directory services. In addition, it will include a hands-on Active Directory design and migration from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000.
8:00 TO NOON
LawNet U ­ Track C
LegalView (Attorney Desktop 2000) Using MS Digital Dashboard
Peter Lesser
Managing Director; Kraft Kennedy and Lesser

Betsy Reagan
Wireless Verticals, Inc.

The focus of the session will be the use of these tools to tie together "best of breed" legal applications.
10:15 TO 11:00
Applications Track
Taking It Out Of The Office ­ Laptop, Handheld, and Web-Based Applications
Bruce E. Phillips
Manager of Budgeting and Financial Planning
Morrison & Foerster L.L.P.
Learn how to set your firm's strategy to exploit these technologies for the benefit of both clients and the firm.
10:15 TO 11:00
Finance Track
The Budgeting Process ­ An Integrated Approach
Tom O'Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer; Microsystems
Learn to build your own budget model in Excel and sidestep those expensive budgeting database applications. In this session, you'll see how Morrison's model integrates the staffing plan, capital acquisitions plan and expense plan and how the use of "drivers" allow users to make on-the-fly changes that ripple through their budget, automatically eliminating redundant data-entry.
10:15 TO 11:00
Industry Spotlight
Stop Fighting Fires - Maintain Quality Documents & Proactively Monitor Their Health
Sherry Kappel
Vice President, Development; Microsystems
This presentation will demonstrate some of the tools and techniques developed by Microsystems to monitor document health as well as diagnose and cure problems. Learn about trouble shooting techniques and document forensics. The use of these products and services has resulted in reducing trouble shooting and document clean-up time from days/hours to minutes.
2:30 TO 3:30
Applications Track
Improving Your Internal Processes and Extending Your e-Business Capabilities with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Systems
Judy Katany
Baker Robbins & Co.
Learn about the critical role that EAIs play in a business' strategic information management architecture and why they are a key element of an effective corporate information portal.
2:30 TO 3:30
Internet Technology Track
Making the Web Work for Your Firm
Niki Koumas
Vice President; Speer Software Training
A panel discussion on how firms like yours can use this technology effectively and make the ideal technology workplace a reality.
8:00 TO NOON
LawNet U ­ Track A
Visual Basic For Applications ­ Forms Development, and Part B ­ A General Question and Answer Session with VBA Experts
Robert Affleck
Vice President of Development
Payne Consulting Group, Inc.
Part A: Learn to transfer data to documents, and the basics of querying data. Part B is a no holes barred question and answer session on anything relating to VBA (not limited to Word).
8:00 TO NOON
LawNet U ­ Track B
Automated Litigation Support: Introduction To Imaging And Coding
Thomas E. Stevens
VP Sales and Marketing; Applied Computer Technologies
We will set-up a fictitious matter, identify the work that needs to be done and go through the hands-on steps of scanning and coding documents, and help the attendees understand the unique data needs of Summation and Concordance.
9:30 TO 10:30
Corporate & Government Track
Big Company, Small Law Department: The Use of Technology in Building and Maintaining Partnering Relationships
Cyndie Cox
Technology Manager; United Parcel Service
Join us as we look at the integral role that technology plays in building and maintaining relationships with outside counsel.
9:30 TO 10:30
Finance Track
Branch Office Accounting ­ Development of and Implementation of a Working Plan
Teresa Grote
Chief Information Officer; Dinsmore & Shohl L.L.P.
This session provides a discussion of how technologies and procedures can improve accounting workflow between regional offices. Time and disbursement entry, accounts payable, billing: which functions should be centralized and which can be handled regionally? How is this different when acquiring or merging firms as opposed to implementing new technologies in existing offices?
9:30 TO 10:30
Strategy & Management
Project Management ­ Revisit the Imperatives
Bob Dolinsky
Vice-President; Potomac Consulting Group
This session will address the elements of effective project management, including; how to organize projects, the principals for project management success, how to set user expectations, project close out and project management tools and more.

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