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August 2001
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Networking & Storage


Networking and Storage * The Zip 100 MB USB VL-Series Drive is compatible with all Zip 100 MB disks, and connects via and draws power from an included USB cable.

* The Zip 100 MB USB Powered Drivetransparently copies any files saved to protected directories to the Zip drive. Users can configure continuous backup or customized scheduling.

* Reciprocal Inc. and Iomega announced a new partnership to allow downloaded secure content to be transferred and bound to uniquely serialized removable Iomega disks, including Zip, PocketZip, Jaz, and Peerless disks.

Information: Reader Response no. 289.


* The DVD-R/RW/CD-RW FireWire Drive reads and writes to 4.7 GB DVD-R, and reads, writes, and edits DVD-RW discs at 2x. It reads DVD-R, DVD-Video and DVD ROM discs at 6x, writes CD-Rs at 8x, and CD-RWs at 4x.

* The 8x4x24x LaCie Pocket CD-RWis a 6 x 6-inch drive that writes at 8x, plays at 24x, and includes two FireWire ports, and a USB port.

* The 24x10x40x CD-RW FireWire Drive writes and rewrites CDs at 24x, and plays at 40x.

Information: Reader Response no. 290.


The Secure Digital Memory Card, from SanDisk Corp., is a128 MB removable stamp-sized flash memory card offering storage of up to four hours of music or 40 minutes of video.

SanDisk also introduced two PC Card adapters for its SD cards, MultiMedia-Cards, and SmartMedia cards.

Information: Reader Response no. 291.


The Keyspan Mini USB Hub, from Keyspan, is 1 cm thin, and offers four ports, support for self-powered and bus-powered modes, 12 Mbps USB data rates, USB compliance, and USB connectivity.

Information: Reader Response no. 292.


Eighty-minute DataLifePlus media are CD-R discs that feature video and data recording speeds of up to 3.5 MB-per-second with 24x drives, and 3.0 MB-p-s with 20x drives.

DataLifePlus 4.7 GB DVD+RW Media store up to two/four hours of MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 video respectively.

Information: Reader Response no. 293.


TEAC's new portable, battery-operated CD-RW Drivewrites and rewrites at 4x. The 4x4x6 USB version (for Macintosh) reads at 6x, and the 4x4x24 PCMCIA version (For Windows 98+) reads at 24x. Both have a rechargeable battery pack.

Information: Reader Response no. 294.


SCRIBE, from MediaForm Inc., is an automated CD-R, DVD-R authoring, duplication station, with thermal printing for labels. It offers copy protection, electronic watermarking and SmartGuard-MEDIA, and frame accurate recording.

Information: Reader Response no. 295.


Aelita Enterprise Directory Manager, from Aelita Software Corp., automates tasks of Windows 2000 and Active Directory administration. It provides a business-rules based administrative structure that combines administrative policy enforcement, automation assistance, role-based administration, and flexible administrative views.

Information: Reader Response no. 296.

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