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August 2001
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Portable Office

Handhelds! Handhelds!


Individual Software Inc. offers self-paced training tutorials at its site, which is located at

Topics include Microsoft's Word, Excel, and FrontPage lines, and more.

Also released: Professor Teaches Office XP Plus,a nine-CD interactive course on Microsoft Office XP products and current versions of Windows.

Reader Response no. 287.

Merlin The Merlin G100 modem, from Novatel Wireless, communicates wireless data over the North American GSM/GPRS 1900 network, and is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000 and Pocket PC operating systems.

The Merlin G100 sends and receives at up to 53.6 Kbps in GPRS coverage areas, and up to 14.4 Kbps via circuit-switched data in GSM coverage areas.

The Minstrel m500 is designed specifically for the Palm m500 and m505 handheld computers. It attaches to the m500 series Palm via a "snap-n-go" latch.

Information: Reader Response no. 266.

Symantec Symantec Antivirus for Palm OS, from Symantec Corp., automatically downloads the latest virus definitions each time the user's PC is connected to the Internet. The updated data is then transferred to the handheld during synchronization.

Information: Reader Response no. 267.

Icom The iCOM Wireless Personal Internet Browser, from Interactive Imaging Systems Inc., connects to the Internet via wireless modems, local area networks, Bluetooth, or celluar phones.

Based on Windows CE, users can access e-mail, messaging, Intranet- based applications, and can send and receive faxes.

Information: Reader Response no. 268.

Rand McNally StreetFinder Express, from Rand McNally & Co., for Palm operating systems, is based on the company's desktop version of the program.

The service offers interactive travel information and customized maps, with points of interest for key metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Information: Reader Response no. 269.

Northstar Mobile MemorySafe Flash, from Northstar Mobile, restores files from MemorySafe to handheld devices, without re-installing the MemorySafe software, after a hard reset or extended power outages.

Information: Reader Response no. 270.

Persus SurveySolutions In Hand, from Perseus Development Corp., helps create surveys that can be conducted on handheld computers. Once completed, administrators can compile and analyze the results, and display them in tables or graphs. Users of SurveySolutions Enterprise can HotSync with their Windows system and add results to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or other SQL databases.

Information: Reader Response no. 271.

Syware MEnable 1.2, from SYWARE Inc., offers real-time wireless access to networked data. The upgrade features enhanced support for Microsoft's eMbedded Visual Basic development platform.

Information: Reader Response no. 272.

Interface Software Interface Software has partnered with GoAmerica Inc. to provide "relationship intelligence" support for GoAmerica Mobile Office.

GoAmerica's Mobile Office product offers wireless access to documents and applications. Interface produces InterAction software.

Information: Reader Response no. 273

SkipWire and Margi Systems have partnered to bring wireless Web and PowerPoint file access to Handspring Visor owners, for mobile presentations.

Skipwire SkipWire's wireless services couple with Margi's Presenter-to-Go Springboard module so that users can access full resolution 1024 x 768 Web pages, reports the company.

Users can convert .ppt e-mail attachments, and store PowerPoint presentations online, for access on a VGA computer monitor or digital projector.

Information: Reader Response no. 274.

Axis Axis Communications and Palm Inc. report that they are collaborating to help Palm handheld users wirelessly connect to a local Bluetooth network powered by the AXIS 9010 Bluetooth Access Point.

Axis has joined Palm's PluggedIn Program, and Palm has joined the Axis Mobile Internet Partner Program, the companies explain.

Information: Reader Response no. 275.

Find Lost Luggage

TUMI INC.'S Tumi Tracer Product Identification and Recovery Programhelps reunite lost bags with their owners. Each piece of Tumi luggage features a metal plate with a 20-digit product number that once registered, links owners' contact information to their identification numbers in the Tumi database. People who find a lost bag can then call Tumi's free worldwide hotline, and Tumi will contact the owner, and help arrange for the bag's return.

Tumi's latest product line includes a 25-inch "Wheel-A-Way" duffle with suiter; messenger and computer bags; Palm organizer cases; travel kits, and more.

Information: Reader Response no. 283.

Toshiba TDP-P4

Toshiba Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. has introduced the TDP-P4 data/video projector, powered by Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing technology.

The 3.1-pound unit features 1100 ANSI lumens, True XGA resolution (1024 x 768), a 400:1 contrast ratio, Digital Visual Interface connectivity, and inputs for HDTV, DVD-players, video camcorders and gaming consoles.

Information: Reader Response no. 280.


Lightware Inc.

* The Lightware Traveler CS-11 is an SVGA (800 x 600) digital projector with 1100 lumens, digital keystone correction for "squaring" an image, Lightware's hyperzoom technology, one-touch auto setup, and XGA compatibility.

* The Lightware Traveler is an XGA (1024 x 768) digital projector with 1000 lumens, digital keystone correction, Lightware's hyperzoom technology, one-touch auto setup, and SXGA compatibility.

Information: Reader Response no. 281.


Olympus America Inc.

* The DM-1is a digital voice recorder and MP3 player that supports removable SmartMedia cards for up to 22 hours of DSS voice files or more than an hour of MP3 or Windows Media Audio files.

* The DW-90 is a 90-minute digital voice recorder that captures WAV files and supports USB connectivity.

Information: Reader Response no. 282.


MagnaPlan Flip Tips

* Flip Charts -- How to Draw Them and How to Use Them is a 96-page paperback that discusses the use of flipcharts to focus attention, record ideas, and generate involvement.

* Flip Chart Power --Secrets of the Masters is a 144-page Paperback that offers tips for lively presentations using flipchart techniques. It explains how to use a variety of flipchart applications, and how to organize training around flipcharts.

Information: Reader Response no. 248.

Photo ID on Your Phone

Sprint SPRINT and Sanyo Fisher Co. have introduced the Sprint PCS Phone SCP-6000. The 1.9 GHz digital phone that features a new photo caller ID capability.

Sprint also debuted its Sprint PCS Phone QCP 3035 (with Kyocera Wireless Corp.). It features an eight-line screen and icon-based menus for e-mail, short messaging, and Internet browsing. Finally, the Sprint PCS Phone TP2110, with (LG InfoComm U.S.A. Inc.) features one-touch Web access and AOL Instant Messenger service.

Information: Reader Response no. 276.

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