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August 2001
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Snap Shot: Karl Timmerman

Snap Shot: Karl Timmerman
Photo by Monica Bay. Location: Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.
VITALS: Penn Valley Community College, A.A.S. 1975 (valedictorian; student body president.). University of Missouri at Kansas City, B.A. (psychology) 1977; M.A. (psychology) and J.D., 1982. Birthplace: Oldenburg, Germany.

PAST JOBS: Operative, Continental Protection; lecturer in psychology; city attorney, Holden, Mo.

CURRENT POST: Solo practitioner, with offices in Holden and Grandview, Mo. Mediator, Jackson County. CIVIC ACTIVITIES: Kansas City Bar Association; Missouri Bar Association. Country Club Lodge; Ararat Temple.

PRO BONO: With members of the Missouri Bar's SFIG Listserv, challenged practices of Missouri's State Division of Child Support Enforcement.

AWARDS & ACCOLADES: Distinguished Service Award from the Missouri State Bar, June 2001. The SFIG Listserv group will be awarded the American Bar Association GP Link Award, August 2001, at the ABA annual meeting.

OFFICE TECH: I built my own systems from scratch. They include two 1 GB K7 Athalons, 40 GB hard drives w/CD burner. Sharp 1250 printer copier; Hewlett Packard IIP laser printer. Word 95. OS: Windows ME. I will not upgrade to Windows XP, and I uninstalled Publisher 2001, because Microsoft requires registration.

HOME SYSTEM: Home-built twin over-clocked K7, (1.6 GB); 512 DDRAM; 21-inch Viewsonic P810 monitor; GeForce 2 256, 64 MB video card; four 20 GB ATA100 hard drives, Yamaha 16x CD burner, Wacom graphics tablet. OS: Windows 2000. Printers: Epson Photo 870; 2000P; and Photo 1200 converted to B/W with a Piezo B/W kit (allows you to make 13-inch by 44-inch black and white prints.

HOME ISP: Earthlink and America Online.

CELL PHONES: Motorola.

CAMERA: Nikon D1X Tamron 17-35mm; 28-105mm; 28-300mm; and Sigma 50mm.

PDA: None. Waiting for the next generation (wince) machines.



CARS: 300D Mercedes turbo diesel sedan. Dodge Ram 1/2 ton pickup.

LAST BOOK READ: Hunting Down the Universe: The Missing Mass, Primordial Black Holes, and Other Dark Matters, by Michael Hawkins.

WATCH: Seiko.

WHERE WOULD WE FIND YOU ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON? At Powell Gardens, taking pictures. My pictures are on Log on: heinziAFK. Password: password.

APPOINTMENT I NEVER MISS: Saturday night date with my wife.

MOST IMPORTANT LEGAL TECH TREND? PDA diary systems. You can use a PDA as an adjunct to Amicus Attorney software, to track appointments and time.


FAVORITE BOOKMARKS: (Lists every digital camera produced and coming down the pike.)


LAST VACATION: Took my wife Susan for a belated honeymoon: Christmas in the Bavarian Alps. The most important thing in my life is Susan, my wife. She makes life worth living. Being able to share things with her, go places with her and just watching the way she deals with clients makes my heart sing.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "If you serve yourself as a pancake, you get eaten as a pancake." -- Karl Heinz Timmerman (my father)

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Snap Shot: Karl Timmerman
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