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December 2000
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Time & Billing

Alumni Computer Group has announced the release of ePCLaw, its new Web-based time-and-expense tracking system that can also generate PCLaw reports.

Unlike many Web-based billing systems, ePCLaw's design allows it to use the PCLaw data that is stored securely at the law firm, instead of utilizing an Internet storage system.

With ePCLaw, legal professionals can track time and expenses and generate reports from any computer with Internet access, 7/24, it says.

The software expedites firm billing by allowing users to process entries into PCLaw quickly, and from remote venues, eliminating the need to come to the office to re-enter data.

With ePCLaw's security settings, firms can restrict access to specific clients and accounting reports, the Buffalo, N.Y. company explains.

Reader Response card no. 278.

PeerPoint Technologies Inc. has upgrades its Professional Fee Manager software. The new version adds an "approval hierarchy" feature that moves invoices from desktop to desktop as they are approved, it says. The capability, based on dollar approval limit authorities, automatically routes the invoice to the next required level, says the Houston company.

Another new feature is the ability to identify rules as "critical," thus resulting in the ejection of an invoice if a critical rule is violated. When rejected, the law firm is notified and receives a copy of the Exception Report, citing rule violations.

Reader Response card no. 279.

Sage U.S. Holdings has debuted Timeslips Enterprise, a new client/server edition of its time-and-billing program. The edition targets firms with 20 or more network stations, that process a large amount of time and expense data.

It includes user-definable features, such as detailed security profiles; customizable interface; rule-based billing rates; and reports.

The new edition also allows administrators to print an audit trail report, which tracks timekeep activities by date and time.

Reader Response card no. 280.

Tucson's Telexis L.L.C., developers of PHONEslips, has released its Timeslips Link for 32-bit versions of Timeslips software. PHONEslips is designed to manage phone messages, and allows users to generate time slips while returning a phone call.

Reader Response card no. 281.

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