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December 2001
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Editor's Note

Editor's Note 2001 winds to a close, a year that will forever be seared into our collective consciousness. It has been a trying time on so many fronts, yet I cannot resist optimism as the new year approaches.

I have such strong faith in our legal community, and the power of that community to overcome any and all adversaries, however looming or petty. We saw evidence within hours of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, as lawyers, vendors, and others reached out to help both peers and civilians with financial, services, products, and emotional support. This same community will carry us through tough economies and challenges of the coming months. And I'm confident that we'll also have reasons to rejoice during the next year. There will be bumps, but we will prevail, in matters of great and small import.

Have a warm, safe, peaceful and joyful holiday season. Embrace life and each other, spend money, and get on airplanes! Remember: "The only thing that remains constant is change."


Monica Bay

Monica Bay Editor-in-Chief

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