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December 2001
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Networking & Storage

MARCAN Inc. has released its Mediatechnics IPD4DVD2 standalone DVD duplication device. It features an 800 disc capacity, up to four write drives and 20 GB of storage. The autoloading unit handles DVD to DVD copying and recognizes disc formats automatically. It has no boot-up lag time, can write at different speeds, and performs simulation testing.

Reader Response no. 222.

SanDisk Corp. has introduced its SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash line of high-speed storage cards for digital cameras. The cards offer write speeds up to 2.8 MB-per-second, and are available in capacities of 128, 192, 256, 384, and 512 MB. Sold in the Type I CompactFlash format, they are compatible and interchangeable with all Compact-Flash digital cameras, CF card readers and adapters.

Reader Response no. 223.

Ositis Software Inc.'s WinProxy 4.0 software allows PCs on a LAN to access the Internet through a single connection.

The upgrade adds the ability to create rules-based alerts for virus events or usage infractions, restrict Internet access privileges by user or user group, and scan outgoing e-mail for viruses.

It also supports SMTP virus scanning and VPN clients, aiding security for home users accessing their corporate networks.

Reader Response no. 224.

McData Corp. has announced its SANavigator with Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager software that provides proactive and predictive management of heterogeneous storage area networks.

It optimizes storage network resources through capacity planning and asset management, and simplifies open storage network management with a single point of control for the entire fabric.

Reader Response no. 225.

Convergence Datacom L.L.C. has unveiled the Nexserver Pro, an Intel-based network server that integrates a router, a firewall, a file and print server, a mail server, and administration software.

It helps companies operate and maintain an e-mail domain and e-commerce Web site, as well as facilitates wireless communications to a PDA or digital phone.

Reader Response no. 226.

Breakout Software has released MonitorIT 4.0, a server monitoring tool that now monitors service on Windows NT and 2000 servers and workstations. It helps administrators manage servers and network devices by monitoring their availability, response time, health and performance. If MonitorIT detects a watched service has stopped, it automatically restarts it, and optionally sends alerts.

Reader Response no. 228.

Psiber Data Systems Inc. has added the Pinger Network IP Tester to the company's line of handheld network diagnostic testers.

The pocket-sized unit verifies network and Internet connectivity using four major test functions: link status, PING interrogate/respond, DHCP verification, and Port identification. When connected to a network, it determines if the Link is available, its speed (10 Mbps or 100Mbps), and warns if the connection has reversed polarity.

Reader Response no. 229.

Greencomputer Innovation

Greencomputer Innovation has begun shipping a new RAID mirroring system sporting dual 100 GB hard disks, in the company's PowerElf server appliance line. They also provide virtual private networks, so that employees can remotely connect to the network using high level encryption, and a packet-filtering firewall secures local network data, from external attacks. Bundled software allows creation of duplicate copies of stored data onto a second hard drive, protecting data in case of hard drive failure.

Reader Response no. 227.

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