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December 2001
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Time & Billing

TimeKM Offers Brower-Based Tracking

PensEra Knowledge Technologies Inc. has released TimeKM, a browser-based time tracking and knowledge management system that allows lawyers to log time charges while work is being done, to improve accuracy and recover more billable hours. The program's "jot-it-down" feature lets users take down case notes, practice tips, insights, client development opportunities and other knowledge notes. The "Collaboration Workspace" gives multiple users access to add, revise or complete time entry. TimeKM is compatible with most major law office time-and-billing systems.

Reader Response no. 257.


Captiva Software Corp. has announced InvoicePack, an invoice processing system that uses optical character recognition and neural network technologies to locate and extract critical data from invoices. The data is then transferred to ERP and accounting systems, while images of the invoices can be exported to document imaging systems.

Reader Response no. 258.

PCLaw 5.54

Alumni Computer Group Inc. has introduced PCLaw 5.54, time billing, account-ing and calendaring software that now links its calendar and contacts with Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook. The bi-directional link lets users synchronize appointments and contact between the two programs.

PCLaw's Appointment and Contacts will link with MS Outlook 97, 98 and 2000, the company says.

Reader Response no. 259.

RTG Bills 2.05

RTG Data Systems has released RTG Bills 2.05, time and billing software for Windows. The upgrade features fee and expense thresholds, to prevent a bill from being generated until the threshold amount is reached. It can track recurring charges, so monthly or quarterly fees can be billed automatically, and import expenses from QuickBooks to eliminate the need to enter expense checks twice.

Reader Response no. 260.

QuickBooks 2002

Intuit Inc. has released QuickBooks 2002, finance management software that now offers remote access to its users. It works with other business applications specifically designed for lawyers, such as Time Matters and Amicus Attorney, to avoid duplicate data entry and increase operating efficiencies. The software also supports credit checks, and e-mail statements for online billing.

Reader Response no. 254.

ProVantage 5.0

ProVantage Software Inc. has debuted the latest edition of its namesake time and billing/client management software. ProVantage 5.0 offers enhanced searching tools, with its "SoundEx Search" functions within the "Conflicts" and "Contacts" areas. Users can now search secondary, as well as primary, addresses. "Focal Point" is another new addition, which runs from within the software's analysis tool, "Executive Portfolio." Finally, "Records Management" tracks storage, retrieval, review and return of files.

Reader Response no. 276.

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