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December 2001
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Web Strategies

How to Maximize Your Return on Investment

By Per Casey

AS TECHNOLOGY professionals, we are often asked to predict the future. We're charged with making recommendations for innovative information systems that will last long, perform well and pay for themselves over X number of years. We are forced to make choices that will affect business long after it's too late to reverse our decisions. Buy an application or build it? In-house or outsource? PCDocs or iManage? Early retirement starts to sound better and better.

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Return on Investment

By Larry Bodine

HERE'S THE HARSH news: Many law firms' Web sites don't work. It may be true that 95 percent of all large law firms have a Web site, but too many are "turning customers away from the store" by putting impediments on their Web site, making them hard to use, and ignoring how clients think.

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