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The Year in Review 2001

BY ALL accounts, this was a humbling, difficult year. On the technology front, 2001 was a roller coaster. Stocks crumbled and rose like a wobbly six-year-old on a new bike. Some companies collapsed. Others regrouped. Many merged.

But one thing is certain: Legal technology is here to stay. Yes, it will evolve, and it will always change. But it is now -- and will be forever more -- at the core of law practice. Just take a look at the range of products and services offered this year, and your optimism is sure to resurface.


1st Books Library

Legally Blonde (Aug. p35), the novel by Amanda Brown that inspired MGM Studios Inc.'s feature film of the same name, is available in e-Book format from 1stBooks Library at

Reader Response no. 400.

308 Systems

The Tactical Communications Package (April p20) is a portable integrated office/communications system that includes a Pentium laptop computer, cellular phone data line, color printer, copier, fax, and a sleek brushed aluminum carry case.

Reader Response no. 401. Inc.

401kShopper (June p45) is an online service for employers and their advisors seeking 401(k) plans and providers.

Reader Response no. 402.

Abacus Data Systems, Inc.

Abacus has partnered with (June p1) to incorporate the ability to file legal documents with the courts over the Internet using Abacus' case management system.

Reader Response no. 403.

ABS Group Inc.

ABS Group's Government Institutes Division has released the eighth edition of its Environmental, Health and Safety Audits (May p1). It helps lawyers create and manage a successful environmental auditing program.

Reader Response no. 404.

Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.

SPOTS (Aug. p47) is client server software for Windows and Linux that tracks all activities in a project, customer complaints, employee suggestions, and more.

Reader Response no. 405.

Accutrac Software, Inc.

The Intellectual Property Module for the Accutrac Records Management system (May p31) aids the managing and tracking of patent, trademark, and copyright files with a searchable, cross-referenced database linked to validation tables.

Reader Response no. 406.

ACD Systems International Inc.

ACDSee for Mac 1.6 (Sep. p35) is digital imaging software, compatible with Mac OS X, and including read support for EXIF Jpeg files.

Reader Response no. 407.

Acumen Business Solutions Ltd.

Aware Access (May p68), based on Microsoft Access, is a database and data sharing application intended for small firms with up to 20 partners.

Reader Response no. 408.

Acu-Tag (May p68) uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to tag and track documents and other office equipment.

Reader Response no. 409.

Addonics Technologies

The Pocket CD-RW storage drive (March p22) records data at 8x speed. It weighs 14 ounces, and reads CD-R and CD-RW discs, and video, music and photo CDs.

Reader Response no. 410.

Pocket DVD8x24 (March p26) is a combination 8x DVD and 24x CD-ROM drive with PC Card and CardBus interfaces.

Reader Response no. 411.

The Combo Hard Drive (June p23) is a hard drive installation kit for any 3.5-inch IDE hard drive, Iomega Zip, or Fujitsu MO Drive.

Reader Response no. 412.

The Pocket SuperDisk 240 (July p40) is a floppy drive that reads and writes data on 240 MB (LS-240) disk media.

Reader Response no. 413.

The USB 2.0 Interface Cable (Aug. p48) attaches to all Addonics External CD, DVD, DVD/CD-RW and hard drive kits to increase data transfer rates to the USB 2.0 rate of up to 60 MB-per-second.

Reader Response no. 414.

The Pocket DigiDrive (Nov. p36) is a pocket-sized storage device that reads and writes digital audio/video files at 1 MB-per-second.

Reader Response no. 415.

Adobe Systems Inc.

Adobe Acrobat Approval 5.0 software (Sep. p1) helps law firms and others create electronic forms based on the company's Portable Document Format. Adobe also released its PageMaker 7.0 layout program.

Reader Response no. 416.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 now supports Mac OS X (Sep. p35).

Reader Response no. 417.

Advanced Logic Systems Inc.

The company's Document Production System software (Jan. p16) has been enhanced with new trust tools, and the Federal Gift Tax Return (Form 709) has been added to the system.

Reader Response no. 418.

Firmware 2.0 (Jan. p62) for the Dakota RAID network attached storage appliance now features support for Macintosh clients, global hot spares, Gigabit Ethernet, file level security for NFS environments, VERITAS Backup Exec agent and support for basic tape drive autoloaders.

Reader Response no. 419.

The Document Product Systems (Feb. p11) now covers all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. State-specific legal documents can be created and prepared according to the laws of that state.

Reader Response no. 420.

The enhanced document production system software (May p30) now includes the Federal Gift Tax Return (Form 709). Also released was an Estate Tax Projections module designed to help lawyers explain options to clients.

Reader Response no. 421.

Advanced Merchant Solutions Inc.

The Palm OS version Pocket Verifier software (July p1) lets users accept credit cards and checks anywhere with a wireless personal digital assistant. Pocket Verifier for Windows CE is also available.

Reader Response no. 422.

Advanced Productivity Software Inc.

DTE for Microsoft Outlook (March p23) offers a time entry screen with all DTE functionality. Entries appear on the timekeeper's calendar on the date the entry was created, and can be edited, deleted, released and unreleased.

Reader Response no. 423.

The DTE timekeeping product line will now integrate with Orion Law Management Systems Inc.'s time-and-billing module (Aug. p24).

Reader Response no. 424.

DTE 2001 Enterprise and DTE 2001 Professional (Aug. p53) are timekeeping software products to help attorneys track, monitor, and report time.

Reader Response no. 425.

Advercast L.L.C.

SurfSecret 4.0 (June p8) helps users clear their Internet surfing tracks.

Reader Response no. 426.

Aelita Software Corp.

Aelita Enterprise Directory Manager (Aug. p49) automates tasks of Windows 2000 and Active Directory administration.

Reader Response no. 427.

Aelita Exchange Migration Wizard (Nov. p3) manages the transition from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000.

Reader Response no. 428.

EventAdmin 6.0 and Enterprise Directory Reporter 5.0 (Nov. p3) are Windows 2000-based applications that collect and consolidate enterprise network IT data for analysis and reporting.

Reader Response no. 429.

Aether Systems Inc.

ScoutWeb 1.1 (Jan. p31) allows content providers to deliver Intranet and Internet content to mobile workers via handheld devices. The software translates HTML content for display on HTML-based or WML-based handheld devices.

Reader Response no. 430.

Agnitum Ltd.

Jammer 2.0 (June p8) monitors incoming and outgoing Internet traffic to protect against intruders and Trojan horses.

Reader Response no. 431.


ArtIcons Pro 3.0 (Nov. p53) creates and edits icon images, and manages icon files and libraries.

Reader Response no. 432.

Air Safety Online (July p50) offers a database of aviation accidents, searchable by airline and aircraft type.

Reader Response no. 433.

Alacra Inc.

Alacra Book (July p61) is an electronic service that aggregates company-specific information from multiple sources and publishes the information as a single, customized PDF file.

Reader Response no. 434.

Aladdin Systems Inc.

Spring Cleaning 4.0 "uninstall" software is now compatible with Mac OS X (Sep. p35).

Reader Response no. 435.

StuffIt Deluxe 6.5 (Nov. p38) is a utility that accesses downloads, e-mail attachments and files sent by any Mac or PC.

Reader Response no. 436.

Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Eye 2.7 (Nov. p36) is a network monitoring tool that checks a server's accessibility and state, and sends alerts using e-mail, cellular phone, pager, or ICQ.

Reader Response no. 437.

Alexander Jmerik

Boss Everywhere 2.1 (Feb. p7) is a security program that secretly records data regarding computer usage. It creates logs of programs each user has run, and how much time they've spent on them.

Reader Response no. 438.

Boss Everywhere 2.3 (Sep. p3) logs computer usage including which programs are run, duration of use, software installations, Web sites visited, inactivity and keystrokes.

Reader Response no. 439.

Allied Riser Communications Corp.

ARC Professional Services (April p3) is a suite of managed I.T. services offered to help firms and businesses supplement internal I.T. resources. It includes ARC IT support services designed to encompass ongoing, weekly support of a business' I.T. environment.

Reader Response no. 440.

Allied Software, L.L.C.

Login Shield software (May p38) prevents unauthorized use of computers.

Reader Response no. 441.

Altman Weil Inc.

The 2001 Law Department Compensation Benchmaking Study (Feb. p21) is available at It tracks compensation via national, regional and other benchmarks.

Reader Response no. 442.

Alumni Computer Group

PCLaw 5.5 (April p43) is time-and-billing and accounting management software. The upgrade enhances the software's calendaring and contact management features, and improves the diary program by adding a new user interface.

Reader Response no. 443.

PCLaw 5.5b time billing and accounting software (June p60) features a link that integrates information between PCLaw and Gavel & Gown Software Inc.'s Amicus Attorney, or Time Matters Software's Time Matters .

Reader Response no. 444.

PCLaw 5.51, time billing, accounting, and calendaring software (July p53) features a bi-directional link with Microsoft Outlook's Calendar.

Reader Response no. 445.

The PCLaw TE (Travel Edition) Palm operating system module (Nov. p1) provides calendaring, time capturing and expense tracking integration for handheld devices that use Palm Inc.'s O.S.

Reader Response no. 446.

The new OSHA Ergonomics Regulations (March p10), enacted on January 16, 2001 and posted at, are indexed for easy user navigation.

Reader Response no. 447.

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association Task Force on E-Commerce and ADR (May p56) has posted four online surveys at American Bar Association.

Reader Response no. 448.

To help consumers find legal help, the ABA has unveiled (July p10).

Reader Response no. 449.

The Web site, (Sep. p54) provides answers to legal questions on a variety of issues.

Reader Response no. 450.

The Essential Formbook: Volume Two, Comprehensive Management Tools for Lawyers, has been published by Law Practice Management Publishing (Sep. p10). It covers legal management issues, and provides checklists for management evaluations and ready-to-use forms with instructions and explanations.

Reader Response no. 451.

American Board of Medical Specialties

The ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists (April p51) is available online at Also, the American Association on Mental Retardation has launched RADAR, its new service that monitors news publications for coverage of disability issues.

Reader Response no. 452.

American Dental Association

The Web site (July p50) offers a searchable directory of dentists' names and addresses, phone numbers, specialties, with hyperlinks to maps to their offices.

Reader Response no. 453.

American Lawyer Media Inc.

ALM's online catalog site (Jan. p68) is located at Legal professionals can order books, newsletters, regional newspapers, magazines, CLE seminars and more at the site, which is fully searchable.

Reader Response no. 454.

"On the Web" (April p34) is one of the regular features of the Practice Development for Solos and Small Firms newsletter, from ALM's Law Journal Newsletters. It covers marketing strategy formulation, effective selling, client attraction and more.

Reader Response no. 455.

The Internet Newsletter (May p58) covers the latest news on Internet law, e-commerce, as well as offers advice on how to build legal-oriented Web sites.

Reader Response no. 456.

American Society for Testing and Materials

"Technical Requirements for Entry into the European Union" is a course that discusses the technical requirements for U.S. products being entered into the European Union and other Eastern European countries.

Reader Response no. 457.

American Systems

EZ Macros 5.0 (April p47) can record keystrokes and mouse movements. It features both global and program-specific macros that users can schedule to execute at any time, and password protection.

Reader Response no. 458.

AMREL Systems

The White ROCKY rugged mobile computer (Jan. p30) has a white coating to reduce heat absorption, and a Pentium III 500 MHz CPU. It is certified to MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461D and IP54 requirements.

Reader Response no. 459.

The ROCKY Mobile (July p40) is a three-piece vehicular computing system certified to military standard MIL-STD 810E, and industry standards IP52.

Reader Response no. 460.

The ROCKY Unlimited (July p40) is a notebook computer certified to military standard MIL-STD 810E for shock, vibration, water, humidity, and temperature resistance.

Reader Response no. 461.

Andreas Wulf Software

WebExe 1.31 (Aug. p8) can turn a Web site into a standalone site viewable on any Windows PC, without an Internet connection, Web browser, or additional programs.

Reader Response no. 462.

HTML Guard 2.0 (Aug. p50) protects Web content from unauthorized copying. It can encrypt HTML source code, prevent text selection, and disable right mouse save functions.

Reader Response no. 463.

AnvaSoft Inc.

DailyEdit 2.1 (Sep. p55) provides a versatile command set to facilitate code editing, and features automatic and customizable color syntax highlighting.

Reader Response no. 464.

Apache Micro Peripherals Inc.

The Stay Connected ASCW-100 (Jan. p44) is a modem call-waiting switch that allows users to answer an incoming telephone call without breaking an Internet connection. The software also alerts users to incoming calls while they surf the Internet.

Reader Response no. 465.

The Cyber Sound ACS-200 (Jan p44) allows users to use a PC as a music player that can support four speakers and offer 3D sound effects.

Reader Response no. 466.

The Digitlink ADL-201 adapter (Jan p44) features in/out connectors and supports professional audio equipment and MiniDisc recorders, distortion free digital audio transmitting and receiving, and digital DIN connectors.

Reader Response no. 467.

Apple Computer Inc.

The OS X operating system (May p27) combines the power of UNIX with the simplicity of Macintosh.

Reader Response no. 468.

The iBook (June p55) is a notebook computer with a PowerPC G3 500 MHz processor and 256 K on-chip cache.

Reader Response no. 469.

The 17-inch Apple Studio Display (July p47) features a thin film transistor, active-matrix digital display with a 1280 by 1024-pixel work area, 16.7 million colors, and a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

Reader Response no. 470.

Applied Discovery Inc.

The company's "Conversion Only" service (April p10) helps legal professionals review electronic documents from existing software packages rather than a dedicated Web site. The service converts electronic documents into TIFF as well as PDF file formats.

Reader Response no. 471.

Applied Discovery has unveiled a redaction capability for its namesake Internet-based electronic discovery service (July p10).

Reader Response no. 472.

The new online electronic discovery resource center, at (Sug. p1), includes articles, a technical glossary, software, and more.

Reader Response no. 473.

Apricorn Inc.

The portable USB Hard Drive (June p57) offers 20 GB of capacity and weighs less than a pound.

Reader Response no. 474.

ARAG Group

The Web site (June p52) provides more thorough information for network attorneys, and easier sign-up procedures for new members.

Reader Response no. 475.

ARM Group

The Contract Tickler Enterprise Version July p61) is a client server version of its contract management system, for tracking, managing and accessing any date-sensitive contract or legal document.

Reader Response no. 476.

ASA Legal Systems (March p60) is a Web site that incorporates a secured point of entry for existing clients to directly access the ASA Legal's internal ONYX CRM system.

Reader Response no. 477.


The TeraCart Digital Virtual Library (July p7) incorporates combination 4.7 GB DVD-RAM/R drive.

Reader Response no. 478.

ASACA announced (July p42) an embedded server option for its AM-750 7 TB and AM-1450 13.6 TB TeraCart DVD-RAM Libraries.

Reader Response no. 479.

askSam Systems

AskSam 4.0 Web Publisher (Aug. p50) helps users create new documents (or import existing documents) for publication in a searchable database on the Web.

Reader Response no. 480.

AskSam 4.1 (Nov. p11) transforms information into full-text searchable databases, and publishes these databases on the Internet.

Reader Response no. 481.

Aspen Grove Inc.

Aspen ipWorkflow software (March p4) helps corporate law departments or law firms manage and track IP work, in collaboration with outside counsel, nationally and internationally.

Reader Response no. 482.

Aspen Law & Business

E-Business Legal Handbook (April p10) helps business lawyers identify and manage areas of potential risk that come with doing business online. It covers advertising, sales and payment, entertainment, and other topics.

Reader Response no. 483.

ASPORA (March p46) has introduced a Web-based contact relationship management system, powered by Scout Solutions' Aptus. It helps firms and corporate law departments manage contact information through any standard Web browser.

Reader Response no. 484.

ETesting (April p34) is a legal-specific performance-based personnel testing service that allows firms to insure standardized testing procedures and measurements across their entire organization, regardless of location, application or language.

Reader Response no. 485.

Association of Legal Administrators

A Business Skills Curriculum for Law Firm Associates (May p10) is a resource guide and curriculum-planning tool which details the business, management, and supervisory skills associates need to acquire.

Reader Response no. 486.

The Web site (July p50) features a new look, easier browsing methods, and greater member benefits.

Reader Response no. 487.

Astata Corp.

The AstataView service (June p57) provide users with near-instantaneous translation of your Microsoft Word or Excel documents, Adobe Acrobat pdf files, text and HTML attachments, unreadable by RIMs (wireless e-mail devices by Research In Motion Ltd., sometimes known as Blackberries).

Reader Response no. 488.

ATI Technologies

The RADEON VE MAC EDITION graphics card (Sep. p35) is based on the RADEON VE chip, and provides dual-display capability.

Reader Response no. 489.

Atypie Software

Backup2001 Pro (March p55) creates secure backups of computer files. Users create a backup profile that defines which files to secure, where to put them, and how to back them up.

Reader Response no. 490.

Kill the Spams (April p47) uses a custom algorithm to analyze e-mail to determine if e-mail was sent by an individual via a bulk e-mail program. It includes a built-in Visual Basic Script detector.

Reader Response no. 491.

ZipOffice 10 Classic (Sep. p55) compresses, uncompresses, and manages files.

Reader Response no. 492.

Aurelitec Inc.

Add/Remove Plus! 2001 (June p69) helps users uninstall Windows programs from their computers.

Reader Response no. 493.


Autocomp Smart Login (Sep. p63) saves password log-ins, and fills in Web forms. It installs into the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ browser.

Reader Response no. 494.


Backup Plus 6.0 (Oct. p26) can backup to most removable devices, including CD media.

Reader Response no. 495.

Axonet, Inc.

BizConductor 4.0 (May p56) is a Web-based e-business process automation system that helps manage documents, including time cards, expense reports, etc.

Reader Response no. 496.

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