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President's Corner

Train Staff with Legal People CDs

Legal people is a CD-ROM-based training system for legal support staff that combines computer-based technology and proven teaching methodologies, says the namesake company, based in Jackson, Miss.

The first release is a three-hour "Introduction to the Law Office," consisting of 24 video lessons that review the basics of the American legal system, legal terminology, law office culture and ethics, it says. Level II, "Essential Law Office Procedures," addresses telephone and e-mail etiquette, calendaring, legal filing, correspondence, time-and-billing, and document production. Future modules will tackle specific practice areas.

The set is available on CD-ROMs, (plans are in the works for Internet access next year), and Legal People can be customized to specific law firms, departments, or government agencies.

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Litigation Software

TrialPro 3.0

IDEA Inc., of The Woodlands, Texas, says its upgraded TrialPro 3.0 offers enhanced image annotation tools; a synchronized video deposition with transcript player; alternate key field indexed access to exhibits; a digital video segment editor; playback of Microsoft PowerPoint; Macromedia Director; Apple QuickTime presentations; and TWAIN imaging.

The software system helps lawyers organize, view, annotate and present trial exhibits, reports the company, and works with document, graphic and video exhibits. The upgrade offers fast access and includes the use of bar codes, says IDEA.

TrialPro 3.0 is customizable, and allows users to import data from databases and image index files, it notes. The program is compatible with LiveNote's VideoNote and time-stamped transcript video synchronization formats such as those produced by TIMARO Technology, it says.

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Litigation Software

LAW 2.0

Corrigan Consulting, of Arlington Heights, Ill., has launched LAW 2.0, its law office management and client/matter management software.

Its "Matter Database" feature includes chronologies and case histories; practice management tools include "Client/Matter" tracking and workload management; "Legal Knowledge Base" resources; "Conflict Search" queries; "Group Calendaring and Docket" management; and "Address Book and Mailing."

The product runs on Lotus Notes/Domino, says Corrigan, and features Internet accessibility as well as standalone operation.

The company also announced plans to release Legal Assistant for Workgroups 2.5, in early 2000. The upgrade will incorporate time tracking and billing interface features, it says.

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Legal CD-ROMs

Infosources Publishing, of Teaneck, N.J., has released its latest version of the Directory of Law-Related CD-ROMs 2000. It lists more than 1,500 CD-ROMs, from more than 250 publishers, listing detailed information about each product.

It includes indexes by publisher, subject, search software, as well as an index of CDs that are Mac-compatible. It also indicates whether material can be found full-text online, and if so, provides URLs.

The directory is updated three times a year, and is available in both print and e-mail formats. Subscribers also have access to an online index page.

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Disaster Planning

SRA International, of Fairfax, Va., has announced that it is offering a series of "Information Assurance Executive Briefings," to help firms protect clients and information assets against physical or cyberspace disasters.

SRA is developing a "Business Continuity Consortium," modeled after its recent "Y2K Consortium," where participants can explore security issues, it says.

The company also has been hosting a series of Knowledge Management Forum Roundtables across the country, it notes.

It also has launched a new Web site located at

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Finjan Debuts First-Strike Kit

Finjan Software Inc. has introduced its new First-Strike Security program and released a new version of its SurfinShield Corporate PC security software.

The SurfinShield software now protects instant messaging users from "Trojan Horse" virus attacks, and also includes personal surveillance protection to defend against hackers who attempt to use PC microphones or cameras as spying devices, reports the San Jose company.

First-strike security tools offer proactive protection from new malicious code attacks that "sandbox" Web content and executable files, monitor code behavior, and instantly block programs that violate security policies, it says. The program is compatible with AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Tribal Voice PowWow and Microsoft MSN Messenger, it says.

The surveillance protection prevents programs such as BackOrifice or Netbus from turning on a computer's microphone or camera, and recording what a user is saying or doing on their computers.

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