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December 1999

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Library Administration

SIRSI Targets Small Libraries

Sirsi Corp., of Huntsville, Ala., has launched a new integrated library system specifically for small libraries.

The turnkey system, called Unicorn QuikStart, includes a WindowsNT central server, and offers the same full-function software that the company installs at larger libraries, it says.

The company also announced that it has established a $10,000 grant to be administered by the American Library Association, "to encourage and enable advancements in high quality library services." The grant is open to public, academic, special and school libraries, says Sirsi.

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Legal Reference Service

Legal Reference Services Quarterly, edited by Michael Chiorazzi of the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law, is available from The Haworth Information Press.

The quarterly publication offers annotated subject bibliographies, overviews of legal literature, reviews of commonly used tools, and discusses reference problems unique to legal professionals.

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Electronic Online Systems International has released Q Series Library Version 2.0, an upgrade of its information and access system.

Version 2.0 provides libraries with the option of implementing the Q Series with Microsoft's SQL Server relational database management system, reports EOSi, based in Carlsbad, Calif.

The company also announced the release of Report Writer, which includes a single-user licensed copy of Seagate Software's Crystal Reports, it says.

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Total Library

Total Library Computerization, of Washington D.C. has announced enhancements to its services. Among the new features, library administrators can now block access of sensitive documents, and the "Borrow" module can now display a field on the charge-out screen that indicates which groups have been approved for classified items. The "Subjects" subfile also has been streamlined, it says.

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EBSCO Subscription Services, of Birmingham, Ala., has made several announcements:

EBSCONET, its online subscription management service, has been improved. "Page backward" and "page forward" options have been added to the edit renewals function, for faster scrolling. An option to review renewals by subscriber as well as institution also been added, it notes.

EBSCO Online has also been upgraded, with new issue status, linking URLs, usage reports, polling and alternate content features, it says.

EBSCO also announced new linking services with SilverPlatter Information and Chemical Abstract Services. Users can link from citation records in SilverPlatter bibliographic databases to full text electronic journals on EBSCO Online, via SilverLinker. The CAS links should go live in 1Q 2000, they say.

Finally, the company announced the addition of more three more publishers to its services. It will add 37 titles from Scandinavian University Press; material from White Horse Press of Cambridge, U.K.; and four journals from the Biochemical Society (Portland Press Limited).

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Blackwell Ltd Merges

Blackwell Ltd. of Oxford, England and Swets & Zeitlinger BV, based in The Netherlands, have announced plans to merge their subscription agency businesses, Swets Subscription Service and Blackwell's Information Services. The new venture will be headquartered in The Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Blackwell Information Services has revamped its Electronic Journal Navigator service. New features include DirectLink, which allows libraries to add journal level links to OPACs or library Web sites, and Direct Login, which allows use of IP addresses to seamlessly log in, it says.

The company also announced the release of its TFPL/Blackwell's Guide to Electronic Journal Management. Topics include publishing in transition; acquisition issues; intellectual property issues; and more, Blackwell says.

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SydneyPLUS International has introduced its new Global Editor feature in its cataloguing module. It allows librarians to search for test in any field of the library catalog, and replace it with new text, saving time and improving accuracy of their catalogues, says the Vancouver, Canada, company. The company also announced that it has upgraded its Web OPAC module.

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Image Access

Image Access, of Boca Raton, Fla., has entered into a distribution agreement with IDC Publishers. Under the terms of the agreement, IDC will exclusively sell Image Access ADP-2 microfilm copies to scientific and institutional libraries around the world.

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