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Utilities Roundup

Stay Connected! 2.3 eliminates dropped Internet connections on America Online and other ISPs by simulating the activities of being online. From inKline Global Inc., of Reno, Nev.

For more information ENTER no. 268 after Clicking Here.

MacroSuite 2.7 creates standardized letters, memos, fax cover sheets and pleadings. It works seamlessly with either Word 2000 or WordPerfect 9.0, as well as iManage and DOCS Open, says SoftWise of Staten Island, N.Y.

For more information ENTER no. 269 after Clicking Here.

InstallRite 2.0 allows companies to clone the installation process of a given program, enabling standardized, identical installations across hundreds of PCs, says Epsilon Squared of Bradenton, Fla.

For more information ENTER no. 270 after Clicking Here.

InstallWatch Professional 2.0, a Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0 program that records all changes made to a PC during the installation of software from the Web, CD-ROMs, or floppies, says Epsilon Squared.

For more information ENTER no. 271 after Clicking Here.

InstallConstruct 3.2.1 is designed for easy creation of installer, setup wizard, uninstaller and HTML-based Internet component download, says, Inc., of Marietta, Ga.

For more information ENTER no. 335 after Clicking Here.

Capture Express 2000 is a screen capture utility that enables users to choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and formats for their captured screen images, according to Insight Software Solutions, of Bountiful, Utah.

For more information ENTER no. 336 after Clicking Here.

ClassiFile stores and organizes files according to user defined keywords and categories, says Burton Computer Corp. of LaVale, Md. Classifile also automatically compresses data to save hard disk space, and works on removable media as well.

For more information ENTER no. 337 after Clicking Here.

SuperCat 3.1 catalogs internal and external disks, allowing for easy searches and managing of files and disks. From No Nonsense Software of Stavanger, Norway.

For more information ENTER no. 338 after Clicking Here.

WinRescue 95 and WinRescue 98 are backup utilities that enable users to recover from crashes without having to reinstall Windows 95/98. They automatically create backup registry files allowing users to reboot, even from DOS. From Super Win Software, located in Hutchinson, Kan.

For more information ENTER no. 339 after Clicking Here.

KeyText 2000 is a hot-key utility that automates numerous functions, such as copy/paste text, opening e-mail addresses, playing sound files. It also allows easy access to symbols and characters, and enables users to define scripts for mouse-click actions. From MJMSoft Design Limited of Edinburgh, Scotland.

For more information ENTER no. 340 after Clicking Here.

Twinkle Bulbs 3.5 lets you hang a string of virtual bulbs around the edge of your monitor, giving your workstation a festive, holiday air. From Barefoot Productions, based in Louisville, Colo.

For more information ENTER no. 341 after Clicking Here.

Wild Bunch Pak 3 is a collection of 10 fonts that can be downloaded and used free of charge. From The Fontry, based in Watts, Okla.

For more information ENTER no. 342 after Clicking Here.

FreeMem Pro 4.2 coaxes your PC into more distributing RAM more efficiently, allowing programs to run more quickly and with fewer hang-ups, says Meikel Weber of Bonn, Germany.

For more information ENTER no. 343 after Clicking Here.

URL Organizer 2 quickly and efficiently organizes URL collections for easy retrieval and use. URL Organizer can handle URL collections as large as 10,000, and can also manage program, folder and document shortcuts. From Edward Leigh, of Cambridge, England.

For more information ENTER no. 364 after Clicking Here.

Netkeeper Help Desk Supervisor keeps a tab on all service calls made to the help desk through the Web, says Multima Corp. of East Greenwich, R.I. Netkeeper automates the tasks of call escalation and assignment, to make sure that each call is serviced.

For more information ENTER no. 365 after Clicking Here.

Microsoft DirectX 7.0 is a multimedia utility that enhances graphics and sound effects, lending a performance boost to graphics programs and games. From Microsoft Corp. based in Redmond, Wash.

For more information ENTER no. 366 after Clicking Here.

ImageForge PRO boasts a set of image editing and painting tools that allow users to create quality digital images, or touch up existing ones, according to CursorArts of Bend, Ore.

For more information ENTER no. 367 after Clicking Here.

UtoFTP Professional 2.0 is a Windows 95/98/NT utility which automates FTP file transfers, and will automatically dial, connect, upload and download, and disconnect with no one attending the computer. It can be programmed to run in the background. From PrimaSoft PC, of Surrey, Canada.

For more information ENTER no. 368 after Clicking Here.

db Organizer Deluxe 1.1 allows for the easy creation of database files and includes set-up wizards and templates for the database novice, says PrimaSoft PC of Surrey, Canada.

For more information ENTER no. 369 after Clicking Here.

Lifestreams Office organizes a computers files and programs for easy access and improved efficiency. From Mirror World Technologies, of New Haven, Conn.

For more information ENTER no. 370 after Clicking Here.

AutoShutdown 3.0 enables users to control how and when computers shutdown, either at scheduled times, at the touch of a hot key, or after a set period of inactivity. It also moves items to the Recycle Bin, or it can be used to overwrite files. From Barefoot Productions, based in Louisville, Colo.

For more information ENTER no. 371 after Clicking Here.

GAMUT 2000 is a tool for audio and video applications, that provides DSP Plugin to enhance music effects. From Formosoft International, of Taiwan.

For more information ENTER no. 372 after Clicking Here.

Net-Sphinx establishes Public Key Infrastructure; protects e-mail privacy and integrity; provides a virtual private network; and creates a cryptographic file system. From Formosoft International, of Taiwan.

For more information ENTER no. 373 after Clicking Here.

Autoclipper clips pictures and text, using color document analysis technology. From Formosoft International, of Taiwan.

For more information ENTER no. 374 after Clicking Here.

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