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February 2000

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Document Management

Payne Releases Translation Tool

The Payne Forms Assistant allows users to instantly translate documents, with one click of a button, reports Seattle-based Payne Consulting Group Inc.

It uses a simple dialog box that allows users to create letters, forms, faxes or other documents in one language, and create an identical document (same format, etc.) but in a different language. The program can be customized, says Payne.

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Mark Sense Recognition

TechLaw Inc.'s Mark Sense Recognition technology helps litigation teams respond to document requests quickly, without sacrificing essential coding needs.

It captures data from user-defined "pick-list" forms embedded in the document before scanning, reports the Chantilly, Va., company. The program offers fast set-up, and can capture multiple date elements in a single form, says the company. The program can be used for privilege or confidentiality reviews; basic issue coding; identification of document boundaries or types; and batch coding, says TechLaw.

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DocuTrak is a Web-based document management framework application, says Rave Software Solutions. It delivers browser-based access to all types of digitized documents, and can access text, graphics and spreadsheets and can track them by author, version, revision and other criteria.

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Flag It, Scan It

ImageTag Inc. has partnered with 3M and Xerox Corp. to create a paper-to-digital document management system. Users enter filing instructions into the computer, and a bar-coded Post-it eFlag is dispensed and affixed to the top page of the document. Then, the document is scanned on the Xerox copier, which reads the bar code, automatically indexes it sends it to a secure "Network File Cabinet."

Scanned documents are saved as standard image files (PDF or TIFF format), says the company,based in Phoenix.

Skyline Tools

From Skyline Tools Imaging Inc., of Woodland Hills, Calif.:

* ImageLib Corporate Suite 5.0 is an upgrade of the company's imaging software the offers increased memory for larger images; improved TIFF navigation; and an upgraded TWAIN features.

* Doc-to-Net 6.0 Internet document displaying application allows users to send images over the Web without downloading a plug-in. Its anti-aliasing feature fills in missing pixels and broken text.

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