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February 2000

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Networking & Storage

LaCie Launches FireWire Drive

LaCie Ltd., based in Hillsboro, Ore., has debuted the following products:

* FireWire Drive is a small desktop device that can hold 37.5 GB of data, equivalent to 50 CD-audio images.

For more information ENTER no. 222 after Clicking Here.

* The CDBP-12432 CD Drive can write at 12X, re-write at 4X and provide playback at 32X. It utilizes Sanyo's "BURN-Proof", burning a 650 MB CD in about six minutes. Mac/PC compatible.

For more information ENTER no. 223 after Clicking Here.

* The GigaCD line of Network Attached Storage devices are Ethernet ready, and can share data from 27 full CDs across a network.

The GigaCDBox includes one CD-ROM drive and an 18 GB hard disk, while the GigaCDTower has six drives.

For more information ENTER no. 224 after Clicking Here.

* The CDRW-446 writes and rewrites at 4X speed and can burn a full CD in less than 20 minutes.

For more information ENTER no. 225 after Clicking Here.

* LaCie's USB Hard Drives offer a USB controller and Silverlining Pro driver, can read and write at 750 Kbps.

For more information ENTER no. 226 after Clicking Here.


Microtech Systems, based in Belmont, Calif., has upgraded its entry level CD copier and labeler, the Image Automator 105 CD-R, to accept up to 12 8X-Plextor drives and printer.

For more information ENTER no. 227 after Clicking Here.

Microtech also enhanced its high-end ImageAutomator 200. The unit can accommodate 12 drives, and operates on Windows NT with a 450 MHz Pentium III, Verbatim says.

For more information ENTER no. 228 after Clicking Here.


The SureStore E Disk Array XP256 is an enterprise information hub that supports multiple operating systems and multiple hardware platforms in the HP Equation storage area network, says Hewlett-Packard Co.

For more information ENTER no. 229 after Clicking Here.

The SureStore E 10/180 Tape Library can handle up to 6.9 TB of native data, and can house as many as 10 DLT8000 drives and 174 tape cartridges says HP.

For more information ENTER no. 230 after Clicking Here.

The HP 9000 N-Class Enterprise Server is a midrange system that features up to eight 64-bit PA-8500 processors, the company says.

For more information circle no.


From NEC Corp.and VERITAS Software Corp.:

* NetBackup is a backup, storage and recovery system that protects network data in a mixed UNIX, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare environment, says Veritas.

For more information ENTER no. 231 after Clicking Here.

* NetBackup Exec is a data protection scheme for Windows NT. It offers backup protection for the system, individual mailboxes and folders.

For more information ENTER no. 232 after Clicking Here.


Verbatim Corp., based in Charlotte, N.C., has introduced its new several new products:

* DDS4 tape cartridges, provide 20/40 GB of native/compressed storage space on thin 150m tape.

For more information ENTER no. 233 after Clicking Here.

* DuplicatorPlus pack, a 100 disc "brick" or Verbatim's 12X CD-R discs. The discs have a high reflectivity, for fast recording and reduced warping of discs from high laser power, says the company.

For more information ENTER no. 234 after Clicking Here.

* DataLifePlus CD-R80 discs provide an additional 6 minutes, or 50 MB, of storage space, says Verbatim, with an archival life of 100 years.

For more information ENTER no. 235 after Clicking Here.

* Datalife Scalable Linear Recording cartridges come in four models; the SLR5, SLR24, SLR32 and SLR 50. Designed for Tandberg drives and autoloaders, they cartridges provide compressed storage capacities ranging from 8 to 50 GB.

For more information ENTER no. 236 after Clicking Here.


3Com's new HomeConnect cable modem connects to PCs via Ethernet and offers USB functionality. The Office Connect model comes with a standard 10BaseT Ethernet interface and supports up to 16 computers at one time.

For more information ENTER no. 238 after Clicking Here.

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