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February 2001
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Networking & Storage

Overland Data Inc. has released the SDLT LoaderXpress and the SDLT MiniLibraryXpress.The new Super DLTtape systems incorporate Quantum's SDLT tape technology, to beef up performance of the company's existing product line.

Information: Reader Response no. 236.

Cabling Standards UPDATE, published by Microtest Inc., announced that the latest standards information is available. The site offers cable standards information, cabling measurement and link definitions, the company says.

Information: Reader Response no. 303.

Ibis Consulting Inc. has introduced iStats, a new tool for managing electronic data for discovery requests.

While Ibis is transforming data into images, its clients are given a password, allowing them to view a personalized window into the progress of their projects, says the Providence, R.I. company. Using the program, litigators can track messages, attachments and application files, and review party names.

Information: Reader Response no. 226.

Iomega Corp. has debuted a new modular drive platform for PC and Macintosh users. The Iomega Peerless system, scheduled to ship this summer, offers 5 GB, 10 GB and 20 GB storage capability, in a portable chassis that is about the same size as a PDA. It slips into a small base station, and uses removable disks. The hard drive electronics are located in the base station.

Peerless disks include chip-based identifier technology to enable data security, and protect against unauthorized attempts to read the contents, should a disk be lost or stolen.

Information: Reader Response no. 227.

FirewireDirect 8x8x32 CD-RW and 16x10x40 CD-RW are new compact disk recording systems for rewritable CD media. The 8x8x32 CDRW unit writes and rewrites audio, MP3, video, graphic or any type of digital data to CDR or CD-RW media. The 16x10x40 CDRW professional level unit offers the additional features of a "waste-proof" write strategy and an 8MB cache buffer. From Inc.

Information: Reader Response no. 228.

OptiServer 5.5 software now supports Compaq's Tru64 operating systems, versions 5.1 and 5.0A. The optical storage management software enhances Tru64's reliability and scalability, and helps administrators control and manage data from multiple media. From KOM NETWORKS.

Information: Reader Response no. 229.

Vicom Systems Inc. and StorageNetworks Inc. have entered into an engineering development alliance to develop storage technology for StorageNetworks' Global Data Storage Network. StorageNetworks also made an equity investment in Vicom for an undisclosed amount.

Information: Reader Response no. 230.

Grau Data Storage Inc. says its Infinistore Virtual Disk System now supports Sony's new AIT-3 drives. The IVD provides plug-and-play attachment to any network topology, providing cross-platform file sharing for UNIX and Windows NT/2000 data using NFS and CIFS protocols. Its offers scale capacity from 2.5 to 35 TB with AIT-3 drives.

Information: Reader Response no. 231.

Green has upgraded its Office Elf Internet Server appliance. It provides shared access to files, printers, cache and the Internet.

It has an Intel 600MHz Celeron processor, 64MB SDRAM, 15GB hard drive, and a 10/100Mbps switching hub.

Information: Reader Response no. 232.

Unison Information Systems Ltd. has released its external RAID subsystem, the RAID I/O FLYER III, designed for firms that need fault tolerant data storage to protect programs file and other data.

Information: Reader Response no. 233.

Berk-Tek has announced improvements to its LANmark-1000 and LANmark-350 UTP copy cabling systems.

They support 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T Ethernet, and ATM. It also debuted new Tek-Pak boxes, designed to simplify installation.

Information: Reader Response no. 234.

QPS Inc. has introduced Que! portable storage systems, tailored for Apple Macintosh computers.

Models include the Que! M2 QuadSlim palm-sized portable hard drive, in 6/10/20/30 GB versions.

The Que! M3 SCSI UltraSlim is housed in a stackable case, with SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 connectors.

The Que! D2 dual hard drive can be connected to any FireWire or USB 2.00 computer and can address both the hard disk and built-in removable media drive via one cable.

Information: Reader Response no. 235.

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