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February 2001
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Portable Office

New Ultra-Portable Panasonic Projector

Panasonic Broadcast & Television System Corp., of Los Angeles, says its PT-L701SDU projector is "ultra-portable," and features a postage stamp-sized SD (secure digital) 16 MB memory card.

It also offers a PC card adapter, and software that can convert BMP or TIFF images, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint files, into JPEG images. This allows users to make presentations without a computer.

Small and light (8.6 pounds), it delivers 1,000 ANSI lumens in 1024 by 768 XGA resolution, and a high contrast ratio of 350:1.

Information: Reader Response no. 219.


Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus Optical Co. Ltd. has debuted its DS-3000 digital voice recorder. The recorder weighs approximately three ounces, including batteries.

The unit uses 4 MB to 64 MB Smart-Media storage cards which can store up to 22 hours and 20 minutes of audio in digital speech standard format.

It also uses DSS Player Pro software for full integration with a users PC or laptop. Files from the DS-3000 can be downloaded to the computer via a USB interface.

Information: Reader Response no. 208.



Users of IDEO's Handspring Visor handheld devices can now download eyecontact software, for free, for use with the eyemodule digital camera.

It works in conjunction with the eyemodule digital camera image capture feature, and the address book, included with the Visor handheld.

It also provides the capability to beam an address, with an image attached, to another Palm OS handheld unit.

Information: Reader Response no. 209.


Itronix Devices

Itronix Corp. announced the release of three new wireless handheld devices:

* The fex21 offers a Toshiba 3922 129MHz processor, external MediaQ controller, SDRAM memory, Intel StrataFlash, lithium ion battery and full wireless support.

* The Husky FS4 is an "hourglass" mobile computer with an Intel StrongARM 192 MHz processor, and Mircosoft Windows CE. It is case sealed to IP67 specifications making it resistant to water immersion, shock, and vibration.

* The T5200 includes a Toshiba 92MHz Intel MIPS R3912 RISC microprocessor. It offers integrated wireless communications, a touch screen display.

Information: Reader Response no. 210.

Blue Nomad

BackupBuddy Software, L.L.C., has changed its company name to Blue Nomad; and launched a new Web site; and announced its public beta of Wordsmith--a full-featured word processor, for Palm connected organizers.

Fully compatible with Microsoft Word, Wordsmith includes a bi-directional synchronization conduit for Windows. For Linux and Macintosh users, it offers a command-line converter and separate document converter application respectively.

Information: Reader Response no. 211.

HPC Notes

PhatWare Corp. has introduced HPC Notes 3.05 Palm OS Edition. The notes organizer allows users of most Palm OS powered devices to create notes and organize them by type, subject, creation and modification date.

It also provides text search, document security, and Internet mail capabilities directly from the note editor, while also offering an interface to the contacts database that enables quick access to email addresses and contact information.

Information: Reader Response no. 212.


Syware Inc. has announced that its SerialLink serial port driver for Windows CE now supports Microsoft Corp.'s Handheld PC 2000 platform for handheld PCs. SerialLink allows any HPC 2000 or Windows CE handheld to support data input devices that use the RS-232 serial communications protocol.

It allows other types of serial devices, such as scales, scientific instruments, and proprietary hardware, to provide input to applications running on the handheld unit. It also allows HPC 2000 and Windows CE handhelds to use the serial port to collect data from remote systems, the company says.

Information: Reader Response no. 213.


The Lap Genie

Lap Genie Ltd. says its namesake product is an ergonomic, adjustable table/platform for computers. Lap Genie weighs 1.7 pounds and folds for ease of transport and storage. It also transfers no heat or weight to the user.

Information: Reader Response no. 214.


FireWire CD-RW

The VST FireWire CD-RW is a portable, high performance drive designed to quickly store digital data on CDs. It's ideal for use while traveling or away from the office, says SmartDisk Corp.

The device does not require a battery or AC adapter for power, rather, it pulls power from a computer's FireWire bus via a standard two-foot FireWire cable.

It also features hot swappable plug-and-play support. The drive is a compact 5.6 inches by seven inches by one inch and features a front-loading/ejection CD tray. It is preloaded with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator software for Windows, and Toast software for Macintosh computers, for transferring digital images, video, data, audio and music files to CDs. It also includes MusicMatch Jukebox.

Information: Reader Response no. 215.


NAND Flash

SanDisk Corp. has introduced high capacity NAND flash memory chips.

The 256 megabit and 512 megabit NAND devices will be manufactured for SanDisk through its FlashVision Joint Venture with Toshiba Corp. The chips will be sold as TSOP (thin small outline package) devices.

The units are targeted for cell phones, Internet music players, handheld computers and other products.

Information: Reader Response no. 217.


Sprint PCS

Lawyers and other subscribers now can get stock market quotes via Sprint PCS's "My Wireless Web" service, due to a new agreement between Sprint and eSignal Data Broadcasting Corp.

ESignal's wireless stock market coverage is available on 18 Internet-ready phones via a digital CDMA wireless network. Users can modify their watch lists. Users can get market quotes from the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX exchanges; as well as breaking news; portable market indices; and information such as 52-week highs and lows; EPS/ P/E ratios; dividend rates; yields; outstanding shares and market caps. Users can choose between delayed quotes or real-time service.

The company also announced an alliance with Juno Online Services, to feature Juno Mobile service on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web.

Information: Reader Response no. 218.

Olympus Tethers Its Wandering Lens Cap

First, let me disclose that I'm completely biased about the Olympus C-2020 line of cameras. LTN bought one a year ago, and it's responsible for most of the photos in this magazine. You'd have to ransom my dog before I'd even consider giving it up.

I'm not alone. It won just about universal raves from critics press, with one exception: the lens cap. It pops off more easily than a bored fifth grader; Well, Olympus took our whining seriously. The new Camedia C-2040 Zoom and C-3040 Zoom, now have tethered lens caps. They also feature a F1.8 aperture, better for low-light photography, and improved wide-view LCD display; sequence shooting; QuickTime Movie, auto exposure bracketing. They also offer two lithium battery packs (CR-3V), Olympus Camedia Master 2.5 Utility software. --Monica Bay

Information: Reader Response no. 293.

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