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February 2002
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Mail Call

Panda Antivirus for Exchange 2000, from Panda Software, has been released in the U.S.

The software protects Exchange mail servers against malicious code, and is compatible with the new virus scanning application programming interface, VSAPI 2.0, developed by Microsoft Corp. for Exchange 2000.

Antivirus for Exchange provides protection for Exchange mail servers in corporate networks, and protects inbound and outbound messaging traffic.

Its new content filtering tool allows the system administrator to block the entry of mass mail, or select the extension of the files that can be attached to messages.

Reader Response no. 289.

Email Security Testing Zone, from GFI Software Ltd., features two new e-mail tests for Microsoft Outlook XP administrators. Both tests consist of an e-mail carrying an executable attachment in disguise.

One contains a CLSID file extension, while the other is based on a malformed HTML application file extension.

Despite Outlook XP's default security settings that do not allow users to run any executable attachments, Outlook XP does not recognize these attachments as such, and therefore does not protect against them.

Outlook XP users can sign up to be tested with harmless e-mail from GFI by submitting their name and e-mail address at GFI's Email Security Testing Zone.

Reader Response no. 290.

Email Correspondence Warehouse, from Yaletown Technology Group, is software that provides automated capture, management and retrieval of e-mails of corporate value.

It adds the captured e-mail to a central repository where security is added and the messages are indexed. Paper-based documents, such as faxes and letter, can also be scanned and added to the repository.

The server-based e-mail management tool was built initially for use with Microsoft Exchange and FileNET's Panagon document management product, but its architecture allows it to work with other customer document management systems and products.

Reader Response no. 291.

Talking E-mail 4.0, from 4Developers L.L.C., lets users listen to incoming e-mail messages as they arrive, via animated characters.

The customizable utility lets users

specify if they want to hear who sent the message, its subject, and how many lines of the message should be read.

Users can stop playback at any time, listen while working elsewhere on their computer, or even while launching their default e-mail program to reply, reports the company.

Reader Response no. 292.

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