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February 2002
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Networking & Storage

New from LaCie Ltd.:

* LaCie's 120 GB 7200 rpm and 160 GB 5400 rpm FireWire hot-pluggable hard drives feature 35 MB-per-second sustained data throughput. The 120 GB model can hold more than 30 hours of MPEG-2 video or 10 hours of uncompressed DV. The 160 GB unit can store more than 300 hours of CD-quality audio or a mile-high stack of text-files.

Both models can be connected to native FireWire ports standard with Macintosh systems, as well as to PCs incorporating Windows. LaCie's new FireWire controller is a 400 Mbps interface based on a 1394 to IDE bridge dual chipset.

* LaCie's 100 GB (native) SCSI advanced intelligent tape drive stores up to 260 GB (compressed) of digital video, multimedia and complex graphics. It sustains a 12 MB-per-second data transfer rate, and can back up a gigabyte of data in less than two minutes.

The drive provides an average media life of 30,000 passes, and a mean time between failure rating of 250,000 hours. It also offers full read- and write-compatibility with previous generation AIT+ and AIT2 cartridges.

* LaCie's 32x10x40 CD-RW drive can burn a full 700 MB CD in about 2-1/2 minutes. The external drive rewrites CD-RW discs at 1.5 MB-per-second, and reads data at 40x. The drive includes LaCie's "U&I" (FireWire and USB 2.0) dual support, 400 Mbps FireWire and 480 Mbps USB 2.0 interfaces that allow users to connect, remove or swap the drive without restarting their computer (USB 2.0 is backward compliant with industry-standard USB 1.1.)

LaCie's BURN-Proof technology eliminates the possibility of buffer under-runs, and ensures error-free recording at 32x speeds, allowing users to burn CDs in the background while working on other applications.

* LaCie's 60 GB PocketDrive can hold more than 100 hours of CD-quality audio, or about 15 hours of MPEG-2 video. It provides transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps with USB 2.0, and when LaCie's new FireWire interface is used, the drive delivers a sustained data throughput of up to 35 MB-per-second. For mobile attorneys, the 12-ounce unit's disk is insulated from vibration and shock by a silicone bumper.

Reader Response no. 213.

Addonics Technologies Inc. has released the Mobile DVD/CDRW, an external DVD/CD-RW/CD-ROM drive with FireWire, CardBus and USB 2.0 interfaces. It features a 12x DVD player, a 12x CD-RW burner, and a 40x CD-ROM drive.

Addonics bundles the drive with CD mastering software, and MPEG-2 decoding software for DVD movie playback.

The drive can record data to CD-RW media in five modes: Track at Once, Multisession, Disc at Once, Session at Once, and Packet Writing. The drive is also compatible with eight different multimedia formats including DVD, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-DA, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, and Video CD.

Depending on the drive interface used, the Mobile DVD/CDRW has a data transfer rate of 300-4800 KB-per-second, and a 32x access speed.

Reader Response no. 214.

KOM NETWORKS Inc. has announced that its OPTISTORM software, together with Plasmon Plc's new D-series DVD-RAM Libraries, now provides mass data storage. Customers choose from storage technology alternatives including CD, DVD, Magneto-optical, WORM, and tape.

OPTISTORM lets users access and rewrite files stored on DVD-RAM media in Plasmon's DVD-RAM Libraries just as if they were accessing files from a hard disk drive.

Plasmon's D-Series Libraries allow for mixing drives and media to suit application and user requirements. DVD libraries are available with two, four, or six drives, and users select single or double-sided media. With the units' patented flipper mechanism, and using 4.7 GB double sided media, Plasmon DVD libraries can hold up to 4.5 TB of data.

Reader Response no. 216.

Munters Corp.'s ExactAire monitoring system monitors the operation of dehumidification, cooling and heating equipment on the job site, and alerts customers to control failure. It can monitor dew point, surface temperature and relative humidity, and users can set desired parameters to cycle the equipment on and off to maintain and verify ideal conditions.

ExactAire's alert messages can be delivered via pager, fax, e-mail, PCS or telephone. The messages describe the alert condition, and the location, make, model and serial number of the unit involved. Powered by the North American advanced mobile phone system, ExactAire can be utilized throughout North America. The system offers secure Web access to configure equipment, and set up the desired response chain.

Reader Response no. 217.

Amerivault Corp. has opened a second mass storage vault at SunGard's Philadelphia data center, where SunGard provides complete hot site services and support.

With the combined servers and facilities offered by SunGard, and the automated data backup and restore services from amerivault, users get faster recovery times, and online backups transported over SunGard's network, eliminating the need for backup tapes.

Reader Response no. 218.


MARCAN Inc. has introduced the Rimage Producer II CD/DVD publishing system, featuring general purpose AO3 drives which expand the formats recordable to DVD to include audio, video and general purpose data. The Producer II is available as a DVD-R system, a CD-R system, or as a combination of both.

All of the units offer a 400-disc bin capacity, a recorder, software and an Everest photo-realistic printer.

Reader Response no. 215.


Neoware Systems has announced an upgrade for its ezRemote Manager software, which is designed to lower the cost of administering large networks of thin client devices.

The upgrade includes enhancements designed to ease adminitration, save time and lower cost, and helps firms using Neoware's Eon and Capio computing appliances, says the company, based in King of Prussia, Pa.

The software helps administrators remotely discover, configure, upgrade and maintain the thin client appliances without traveling from desk to desk. It can be used to manage Windows CE/NTe/XPe and Linux systems.

Reader Response no. 284.

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