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February 2002
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ProLaw Upgrades: Three enhancements to ProLaw Software will be debuted at LegalTech New York, reports Albuquerque's Provolution Corp. (a.k.a. ProLaw Software.) The three new features are "pre-customized" case management libraries; "in-context" legal research, and integrated California legal forms.

The changes reflect Provolution's recent acquisition by West Group, the companies explain. The new WestWorks practice libraries allow users to quickly install ProLaw's "front office" features, and include practice-specific forms, reports and workflow management.

Practice-specific templates speed case management and simplify client entry data, and integrate with the ProLaw court rules databases.

Reader Response no. 286.

Lexis Contract: The Administrative Office of the Supreme Court of Virginia has chosen LexisNexis as its exclusive provider of online legal research services for Virginia's judges and court staff for the next five years, the company says. Under the accord, 340 judges and staff will receive a variety of primary and secondary legal research information, including Shepard's, Matthew Bender and Michie libraries and

Reader Response no. 285.

* * * *


Xerox Wins: After a long road and a trip to the appellate court, a U.S. District Court judge has ruled that Xerox Corp.'s Unistrokes handwriting recognition technology patent is valid and enforceable, and that Palm Inc. and 3Com Corp. infringed upon it in their handheld organizers using Graffiti. The case was filed in 1997.

Judge Michael Telesca's decision, issued in late December in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York, ends the liability portion of the case, allowing Xerox to now seek damages.

The same judge originally ruled in favor of defendants, but the case was reversed and remanded back, when the appellate court determined that the judge misunderstood how and where symbols must be written, reported the Industry Standard.

Now, the trial court will determine the amount of damages for past infringement of the patent and Palm's ability to continue to use the technology.

* * * *

Debut: U.K.'s Alternative Team Ltd. has unveiled The Time, its time recording and billing software with direct links to word processing or case management software. An optional "ActiveTime" module automatically captures relevant information such as the date and matter number, eliminating the need to duplicate the entries.

Reader Response no. 245.

* * * *

Crash and Burn

Watch local movie listings (or, we suspect, future, PBS or indie stations) for e-dreams, an interesting if somewhat flawed film by Wonsuk Chin.

It opened last month in New York, and documents the rise and fall of, an N.Y.C.-based, Internet-fueled delivery service that promised to deliver anything from movies to ice cream in a hour. It focuses on C.E.O./ co-founder Joseph Park.

While the production quality leaves much to be desired, cyberspace addicts will find it a fascinating portrait of the Gold Rush and its fever.

-- M.B.

* * * *


Sirsi Gets...

Sirsi Corp. reports it has completed integration of Data Research Associates resources, after its August 2001 acquisition.

The merged companies have retained the Sirsi name, and will focus future efforts on serving library users, while standardizing integrated library system developments on the open, modular Unicorn Library Management System.

Reader Response no. 225.

Marker-Hoff Gets...

The Marker-Hoff Group has announced the acquisition of Houston's Litigation Copy Services.

Marker-Hoff has integrated the legal copy services company, and its client base, with its litigation outsourcing offerings.

Jamie Garner, president of Litigation Copy Services, has joined The Marker-Hoff Group as manager of its legal copying division.

The company also announced that Darrell Clapp and Pablo Ibanez will join the sales team at The Marker-Hoff Group. The company is located at 515 Four Houstons Center, 1221 Lamar, Houston, Texas 77010.

Reader Response no. 226.

* * * *


Workshare Technology has released Workshare Synergy 2.2, the latest version of its document change mangement program.

The upgrade improves the ability of multiple parties to work on a document, it says. Individuals can use the product as a "managing author" or "internal contributing author" with full access to the work-in-progress.

The upgrade also now integrates with more document management programs, the company says.

Reader Response no. 293.

Time Hunter helps parents and teachers monitor children's computer activities, says Structu Rise. It builds a log, capturing user IDs and the applications he or she has run, documents used, keystrokes and mouse clicks.

At the end of the day, Time Hunter's logs are automatically sent to parents (over LAN or e-mail).

Reader Response no. 294.

* * * *


LawBiz Course

Edward Poll
Edward Poll
LawBiz Teleseminars for Profitability is a six-part management course that helps attorneys run more profitable practices. Attendees can take part in one or all of the six telephone seminars conducted by Edward Poll, an instructor for the American Bar Assoc-iation, with 25 years of experience practicing law.

Upcoming topics include Secrets of Creating a Marketing Plan; Profiting from Setting Your Fees; Budgeting, Creating a Financial Plan; Risk Management; and Entry and Exit Strategy. For information, e-mail

Reader Response no. 240.

* * * *


Watchful Eye, from Zemerick Software Inc., is computer-monitoring software that logs computer and Internet use with a keystroke logger. Log files are encrypted, viewable by date, and can be printed or saved.

The Web browser address log captures Web sites visited by Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera. All addresses are logged with the date, time, current user, and particular browser. It also logs all application executions by name, date, time, and computer user.

Screen snapshots can be taken unbeknownst to the user, at timed intervals, to be organized by date and time, and watched with an included slideshow viewer.

Reader Response no. 269.

File Protector 2.05, from Mikko Technology, is now being shipped by Software Abroad.

The software program keeps files and folders guarded, preventing users or viruses from renaming, deleting or modifying the files.

Files can be made unreadable, read-only, or unexecutable altogether.

File Protector also hides and protects mailboxes.

Reader Response no. 270.

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