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February 2002
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Billing Software Issues for the Mid-Sized Firm

Billing Software Issues for the Mid-Sized Firm What are the most important considerations for midsized law firms (approximately 50 lawyers) when purchasing time-and-billing software?

* * * *

By Thomas Baldwin

MID-SIZED FIRMS (approximately 50 attorneys and about 100 total users), face difficult decisions when confronting I.T. projects. None are more important than the selection of a time and billing system....

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* * * *

By Dena Rafte

LET'S START with a few basic premises:

1 Consider only systems that can perform all of the standard accounting functions your firm requires.

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* * * *

By Phil J. Shuey

THE FOLLOWING is a checklist of primary and critical issues that mid-sized firms must consider when planning a change in their professional timekeeping and billing software:

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