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February 2002
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Utilities Roundup

pdfFactory Pro, from FinePrint Software L.L.C., creates secure Adobe Portable Document Format files. It provides added security options to sensitive data including encryption (40 bit and 128 bit), password protection for opening documents, and the ability to restrict copying, printing and editing the PDF files.

Reader Response no. 254.

WinSettings 4.0, from FileStream Inc., is a system customization tool that supports Windows XP, and now includes privacy and security protection to automatically remove unwanted tracks left from Internet surfing. A new screen capture feature with MAPI integration allows users to grab and insert captures into e-mail, all in one action.

Reader Response no. 255.

DenebaShare 1.0, from Deneba Software, turns a personal computer into a secure digital photo server, viewer and organizer. All images on the PC remain under the control of the owner, protected by encryption, but are instantly viewable over the Internet by viewers with a Web browser and a password.

Reader Response no. 256.

AccuBurn-R 1.1, from CD-ROM productions, automatically checks readability, and ensures that a CD is being recorded correctly. Even when the data copied spans more than a single CD-R or CD-RW, each disk is independent, and can be read individually on any computer.

Reader Response no. 257.

CastlePaste PRO, from Castle Software, lets users paste rich text and images, into the active application, with a single mouse click. All a user's standard e-mail replies, standard paragraphs, signatures, and other common text are kept at the ready.

Reader Response no. 258.

Turbo Demo Professional 1.5, from Bernard D&G, creates demos that can be played on- or offline, or incorporated into Windows Help files. The program's Wizard helps users capture screens, import pictures, annotate with text balloons, and include hot spots that let users interact with the demos.

Reader Response no. 259.

EasyType 1.2, from FlashPeak Ltd., increases the speed of typed input by auto-learning words and phrases, auto-completing words and phrases, and auto-expanding shorthand into full text.

It prompts the user with best-matched words using its prediction algorithm.

Reader Response no. 260.

TextAloud MP3 text-to-speech, from, is now offered with AT&T Labs, Natural Voices speech engine.

It lets users add text-to-speech capabilities to their personal computers, listen to Web pages, e-mail, reports, articles, etc.

Reader Response no. 261.

PenOffice 2.0, from PhatWare Corp., is a handwriting recognition program that utilizes the new CalliGrapher 6.0 engine and an updated English dictionary that contains over 100 thousand words.

Reader Response no. 262.

Phone Lister 3.0, from CyberMatrix Corp. Inc., is a corporate phone list manager with a phone list display screen, searching and sorting functions, and data import/export.

Reader Response no. 263.

Print Screen Works 6.0, from, captures and prints, e-mails or faxes anything that's on a computer screen. It converts a system's print screen button into a hot key, which triggers the capture process.

Reader Response no. 264.

Magic Notes 3.1, from Rose City Software, is a "sticky-note" utility that automatically saves to-do lists, appointments, or random notes whenever changes are made.

Reader Response no. 265.

IconUtils, from Aha-Soft Co. Ltd., is a set of five tools that simplify icon and cursor creation.

Reader Response no. 266.

Font Reserve, from DiamondSoft Inc., handles thousands of fonts, providing the ability to access, activate, view, sort, and copy the correct fonts.

Reader Response no. 267.

GraFX Saver Pro 3.0, from CDH Productions, is a screen saver creation tool offering thousands of special effects, and the ability to use up to 70 formats.

Reader Response no. 268.

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