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January 2000

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Security Update

Aladdin's Privilege Distributes Licenses

Privilege, an integrated electronic licensing system, allows software vendors to securely distribute licenses and software via the Internet, says Aladdin Knowledge Systems Inc. Privilege also works with parallel port and individual authentication devices.

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Precise Biometics

Stockholm's Precise Biometrics AB has announced new fingerprint readers. The Precise 100A fingerprint reader uses a silicon sensor to scans and recognizes fingerprints.

The small device creates a three-dimensional image of the print, then encrypts and stores the image on the computer's hard drive, says the company. The process takes less than a minute, allowing fingerprints to replace traditional passwords, PINs and passes.

The Precise 100SC adds a smart card reader and USB port, and Windows 98/2000, Precise Biometrics.

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Panda Software

Panda Software says its Global Virus Insurance 24h-365d anti-virus program is designed specifically to guard Lotus Notes version 4.5 and higher at the client level, protecting Domino servers. The program integrates with Lotus, and can be accessed through the Notes menu, says Panda. It also protects Lotus e-mail, either through a remote connection to a domino server or by a direct SMTP/POP3 connection, the company notes.

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Identix Inc.

* Identix Inc., of Sunnyvale, Calif., has made several announcements:

* Authenticated Cerificate is a new biometric certificate for the Internet, with embedded fingerprint authentication. It uses a compressed, encrypted 128-bit data stream of the fingerprint's features, rather than the actual print, to validate user identity.

For more information ENTER no. 210 after Clicking Here.

* Identix and Motorola have introduced the DFR300, a small optical biometric reader, which includes BioLogon 2.0 software. It protects against security breaches in computers and LANs, with support for Remote Access Services and the use of Smart Cards, Identix says.

* Identix and SCM Microsystems have created BioTouch, a PC Card which installs into a notebooks PCMCIA slot. When users press the side of the laptop, the fingerprint reader slides out, then slides back into the notebook, Identix claims.

For more information ENTER no. 204 after Clicking Here.

* Identix's Security Pack suite of two programs, BioSafe and BioShield, ships as an add-on to the BioLogon 2.0 Product Suite. BioSafe creates a virtual safe which attaches to e-mail for secure transfer to non-BioSafe recipients, says Identix. It also secures laptops, locking and unlocking data with fingerprint authentication at logon and shutdown.

BioShield protects applications, menus and buttons, and can be configured to remember dozens of passwords and automatically insert them at the touch of a finger, Identix says.

For more information ENTER no. 207 after Clicking Here.

Authentication Suite

Another biometric security system is being offered by Santa Clara, Calif., based Veridicom Inc. Its Personal Authentication Suite bundles Veridicom's 5thSense authentication peripheral with its Confirma data security software suite. The 5thSense peripheral is USB and parallel port ready, and reads fingerprints at 500dpi, the company says. The Confirma software suite features Windows 95/98 Log On, Windows NT Domain Log On Security Support, File/Folder/Disk Encryption and more, Veridicom says.

For more information ENTER no. 206 after Clicking Here.

Veridicom and I/O Software Inc. have announced a licensing agreement whereby I/O's SecureSuite software will be incorporated with Veridicom's Personal Authentication Suite. SecureSuite supports Windows 95/98 and includes features such as a password bank, a file and folder encryption system, and Public Key Infrastructure support, the companies say.

For more information ENTER no. 208 after Clicking Here.

Intrusion Prevention

American Industries Corp., based in Honolulu, says its Intrusion Prevention System creates the illusion that someone is on the premises, deterring thieves before they enter.

For more information ENTER no. 209 after Clicking Here.

Virtual Gate

Virtual Gate, from Armadillo Multimedia Enterprise Ltd., is a smart card-based computer locking device, combining a Smart Card key with password security to create a lockout system. Virtual Gate can be programmed to lock immediately after start-up, when the smart card is removed, and/or when a pre-set idle time is reached.

For more information ENTER no. 212 after Clicking Here.


Topaz Systems Inc. has introduced the SignatureGem LCD, a portable pen and tablet system that captures signatures for use in electronic documents and transactions. It comes with a serial and USB connection and is bundled with Topaz GemTools software, which binds the signature to the e-document by encryption, Topaz claims.

For more information ENTER no. 213 after Clicking Here.

Cyber Sentinel 2.0

Security Software Systems says its Cyber Sentinel 2.0 Web site blocker software upgrade now sends an e-mail to a parent's work address if it detects a violation on a child's computer. It also reads all incoming information before the child sees it, and can analyze activity from e-mail, chat rooms, search engines and Web browsers, asserts the Sugar Grove, Ill. company.

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