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January 2001
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Litigation Support

WordWave's Legal Web Repository

Boston's WordWave Inc. reports that its LegaLink division has launched a new Web Repository, where legal professionals can access and search deposition transcripts using a standard Web browser.

The company has partnered with San Francisco-based on the site, which will allow 7/24 access to documents.

The new site expands the services offered by LegaLink, which also provides court reporting and transcription services.

Information: Reader Response no. 236.

The Edge

Sellers Legal Services, based in New York and London, has released The Edge, a 32-bit litigation support suite.

A multi-tier MS SQL 7 document management system with thin client and Web browser, it combines several systems to help legal professionals.

It includes:

* LegalEyes, a litigation support and document management tool, that offers in-court document display, and links to real time transcripts.

* BriefCase, a real time transcript analysis tool with in-court real time display, document attachment and synchronized video. It allows users to mark, annotate and search across transcripts and documents without disconnecting from the real time transcript.

* WriteAway for remote online transcript production. It synchronizes the court reporter's text with digitized sound, and transmits it via the Internet, allowing editors to work on the transcript in real time, while checking audio against the text.

The suite allows remote team members to collaborate from any location. Other features include scanning and OCR, and the ability to search and redact documents and share notes, issues or private discovery lists via the Internet, on CD or on paper.

Information: Reader Response no. 235.


TRION Technologies says it has added new transcript management functions to its Judicata legal management software.

E-transcripts are now fully integrated within the Judicata online repository, explains the Cleveland-based company. The improved architecture helps users conduct Web-based searches, collaboration, annotation, printing, production and importing, it says. Users can search an entire document collection, whether it is a transcript, electronic document, e-mail or scanned image, the company reports.

Special functions have been added to address the unique characteristics of transcripts, TRION notes.

After completing fuzzy logic and concept searches, the program provides a simple user interface to view and manage the transcripts, it says. Annotation tools include bookmarks, issue codes, notes and hyperlinks, QA-pair reporting, and more.

Information: Reader Response no. 237.

MacroSuite 2.81

SoftWise has upgraded its MacroSuite software, now providing network administrators more control over the Pleading-Suite module. A new layout/page designer function offers drag-and-drop tools to place controls onto the dialog, it says. The pleading paper macro now offers sidebar and short title capabilities.

Administrators can customize the MacroSuite Table of Contents generation process so that the resulting document can have either no marks, field codes or hidden paragraph markers, says the Staten Island, N.Y. company. Its core product is a Visual Basic interface that allows users to create standardized letters, memos, cover sheets, pleadings and documents.

It integrates with Word 97/2000; WordPerfect 7-9; and with other document management software including DOCS Open and iManage.

Information: Reader Response no. 238.

Better Links

DecisionQuest and LiveNote Inc. report that they have enhanced links between their litigation software tools, CaseMap and LiveNote.

CaseMap helps legal professionals manage case knowledge, and LiveNote is a transcript management tool that can import ASCII files or connect in real time with a court reporter's stenography machine.

The links will allow users to export text and annotations of transcripts and enter the data into CaseMap files.

Later, users can return to the LiveNote transcript source with a single click, the companies explain.

Information: Reader Response no. 239.

Red eQuorum University

Quorum, celebrating its 35th anniversary this month, plans to launch a new educational resource center on Jan. 22.

Dubbed Red eQuorum University, it will offer a reference guide to automated litigation support terms, as well as articles on automated litigation topics, says the company, based in Minneapolis, Minn.

Information: Reader Response no. 284.

San Francisco's defines itself as an e-commerce company that can help legal professionals procure document technology support services needed in complex litigation, such as scanning and coding services.

The newly revamped Web site's tools include an "instant project cost estimator," as well as a directory of vendors and an anonymous Request for Proposal (RFP) distribution tool, it says. Tim Myles is the founder and CEO.

Information: Reader Response no. 240.

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