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January 2001
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Office Gear

Pitney Bowes 4130 Zips Through Faxes

The new Pitney Bowes 4130 is a desktop unit which works as a high-speed fax machine, network printer and digital copier, the company says. It is ideal for I.T. departments or small and mid-sized work groups that need power in a small package. The 4130 offers a fax transmission speed of three seconds-per-page, high-volume memory, and can multi-task, (for example, it can print and fax simultaneously).

Although it is initially configured as a standalone, optional PC and LAN capabilities allow it to be added seamlessly to other office systems. The GDI or PCL6 interface can connect the unit to networks or PCs running Windows 2000/NT/98/ 95/3.1. It offers a 33.6 Kbps modem with JBIG transmission (an advanced compression scheme that shrinks documents into small packets, then re-compressed by the receiving machine).

It also features a "dial while scanning" feature that allows users to start sending the first page while the scanning is in progress.

If equipped with a second phone line, it can send and receive simultaneously, reports PB. As a printer, it can produce 12 pages-per-minute. The unit has a 400-sheet paper tray for letter and legal size sheets.

Information: Reader Response no. 200.


CyberSecretaries, a dictation/transcription service, has announced the release of its new software, SpeakWrite, which allows users to dictate directly into a computer, and then submit the dictated material for transcription via the Internet. The software can be downloaded for free from the company's Web site.

Once dictation is completed, it can be shipped via a single mouse click, without having to deal with telephone interfaces, codes, account or PIN numbers. Users dictate via ordinary microphones, and then the software automatically connects to the Internet and processes the information.

American Lawyer Media Inc., the publisher of Law Technology News, has a small equity interest in CyberSecretaries.

Information: Reader Response no. 201.


Adrenaline and Ascent

Kofax Image Products and Eastman Kodak Co. have announced that Kofax' Adrenaline and Ascent Capture software now supports all Kodak Perfect Page scanners, including the Kodak Digital Science Document units. The software improves skew detection and optical character resolution, and helps remove extraneous streaks and lines.

Adrenaline also enhances the scanner's ability to add a black border to document images ensuring complete image capture, and allowing users to remove the border if it is not desired.

Information: Reader Response no. 202.

Aficio IS330DC

Ricoh Corp. has introduced the Ricoh Aficio IS330DC scanner, which offers high image quality with 600 dots per inch optical resolution and 36-bit color. It includes automatic size detection for elimination of operator assisted resizing. It also includes a 50 sheet automatic document feeder and a built-in auto reverse duplex feeder for duplex scanning.

The unit incorporates ISIS and TWAIN drivers that connect to, and operate under, Windows95/98/ME/NT 4.0/NT 2000.

It offers IEEE 1394 I/F as optional support based on the user's environment. Ricoh also offers a "Network I/F Option" which comes with ScanRouter Lite and DeskTopBinder Version 2 and supports Ricoh's ScanRouter Professional 2 software.

Information: Reader Response no. 203.

Scanmaker 8700

Microtek Lab Inc. has introduced the Scanmaker 8700 scanner, which offers 2,400 by 1,200 dots-per-inch resolution; 42-bit color; FireWire IEEE 1394 chip set and a USB port. It features "Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology," which allows the unit to capture images directly from the emulsion surface of film originals, without glass interference. It also features four SnapTrans templates, which allows users to scan 35 mm filmstrips, 35 mm slides, six cm by nine cm film, and four-inch by five-inch transparencies; main staging tray and eight-inch by 10-inch film holders for oversized transparency scanning.

ScanWizard 5 software is also included, allowing users to save complex formatted documents directly into word processing or spreadsheet programs. The software features advanced image correction tools; preview features; automatic transfer of images to printer, e-mail, and other tools.

Other bundled software includes Adobe Photoshop LE; Trelix Web; ScanSoft Page Keeper Standard, as well as e-mail, copying and scan utilities.

Information: Reader Response no. 204.

Scanner/Digital Camera

Microtek also announced that is now bundling its MN100 digital camera with its USB ScanMaker 4600 unit, offering a complete, Internet-ready digital imaging system. Both PC and Apple Macintosh users can use the system, says Microtek, which includes free online storage for photos as part of the package. The scanner offers 2,400 by 1,200 d.p.i. resolution, and includes an expandable lid that can accommodate bulky items such as books. The USB connection allows hot swaps, it notes.

With an optional Microtek Transparency Media Adapter, users can scan positive or negative film in a seven inch by seven inch scan area, and up to nine 35 mm slides at one time. The MN100 camera features two-button operation for easy "point-and-shoot" pictures, and can provide "Web-cam" quality imaging. It can hold 20 high resolution or 80 standard resolution images.

In PC camera mode, its 30 frames-per-second speed can be used to produce video and audio. It is bundled with EyeStar mail for PC uses to record audio and video clips, which can be sent via e-mail. It includes a USB cable, and swivel tripod.

Information: Reader Response no. 205.


Network Laser Printers

Kyocera Mita America Inc. has introduced the FS 1800 and FS 3800 Network Laser Printers. They come network ready with a standard 10/100 Base TX network interface. The FS 1800 offers a PC 405 200 MHz processor, 8MB RAM expandable to 264MB via standard DIMM, 1200 by 1200 dot per inch resolution, and produces 17 pages per minute. The FS 3800 offers a Power PC 750 200MHz processor, 16MB RAM expandable to 288MB, 2400 by 600 dots per inch, and produces 25 pages-per-minute. Both models include a CD-ROM driver utilizing Windows 3.1//95/98/2000/NT 3.51/4.0. They also include PRESCRIBE 2e software for creating custom forms.

Information: Reader Response no. 206.


Panasonic DP-150 Series

Panasonic Document Imaging Co. has debuted its DP-150 Series of digital copiers. All models offer 256-level gray scale and 600 by 600 d.p.i. resolution. The series features a rate of 15-copies per minute. They also feature a 300-sheet (250-sheet cassette; 50-sheet bypass tray) capacity which offers invoice to legal document size options, the company says. The DP-150FX includes automatic document feeder, print/scan and Super G3 faxing functions; the DP-150PA includes automatic document feeder, and print/scan functions.

Information: Reader Response no. 207.


Samsung SyncMaster

Samsung Electronics America Inc. has introduced its new SyncMaster Series Monitors. Three models are offered, which all include E-Color's "Colorific" software.

Other standard features include one button auto calibration, on screen display of menu controls, built-in plug and play configuration for optimal monitor resolution refresh rates. They also offer an optional USB hub with two upstream and four downstream ports for simplified hook up to desktop peripherals.

* The SyncMaster 150T features built in speaker and microphone connection, a viewing angle of 140 degrees, and 1024 by 768 resolution.

* The SyncMaster 1200NF features a 20-inch diagonal viewable image, and 2048 by 1536 resolution, and includes E-Color's "Colorific" software. It employs aperture grille technology consisting of an ultra-fine horizontal unit-pitch of 0.24mm.

* The SyncMaster 240T is 24 inches wide and features a viewing angle of 170 degrees, and is capable of 1920 by 14400 resolution. It includes a picture-in-picture function which allows simultaneous viewing of two different input sources, as well as a picture-by-picture function for side-by-sides screening of two different input sources. .

Information: Reader Response no. 208.


Gyration Suite

Gyration Inc. introduces the Radio Frequency Remote Control and Keyboard Suite. These wireless devices give lawyers, trainers, educators, and other professionals the freedom to roam around a room without sacrificing precise control over their presentations, training content and collaborative software, the company says. The ergonomic remote control uses internal gyroscopes to sense natural hand gestures, allowing the user to control a computer cursor with a flick of the wrist.

The mobile keyboard is both small and portable and features multimedia and Internet control keys. Both devices utilize Gyration's RadioLink Technology which frees the user from line-of-site restrictions of infrared devices.

Information: Reader Response no. 209.


Stay Connected

Apache Micro Peripherals Inc. says its new Stay Connected ASCW-100 is a modem call waiting switch that allows users to answer an incoming telephone call without breaking an Internet connection.

The software (which requires call waiting functions on the user's telephone service) also alerts users to incoming calls while surfing the Internet, and supports all modem brands, reports the Irvine, Calif. company.

Information: Reader Response no. 210.


Cyber Sound ACS-200

Apache also has introduced Cyber Sound ACS-200, a device that allows users to use a PC as a music player that can support four speakers and offer 3D sound effects.

It includes an optical input slot, and a 1.5 meter optical cable which enables the user to dub an audio CD, without distortion, to a MiniDisc recorder.

Information: Reader Response no. 211.



Apache also has unveiled its Digitlink ADL-201 adapter. It features in/out connectors that are compatible with professional audio equipment and MiniDisc recorders, distortion free digital audio transmitting and receiving, and digital DIN connectors.

It supports digital input/output audio devices such as Creative Lab FPS 2000 digital speaker as well as Creative Sound Blaster Live, Creative Sound Blaster Value and Apache Living Sound.

Information: Reader Response no. 212.

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