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January 2002
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Questel*Orbit's Plus & PlusPat

Questel * Orbit announces:

* The PlusPat patent database service now contains more than 40 million patents from 69 worldwide patenting authorities. Questel * Orbit recently added 6.5 million additional front-page images for EPO, WIPO, France, and Japan patents and publications. New display formats offer, in a single record, comprehensive family information, the representative English-language abstract, and the corresponding legal status information. The LEGAL, FULLTEXT, and FULLCLMS display options are also now available.

* PLUS, an online search service feature, lets users create "super records" by custom-building patent records with blocks of patent data from any of Questel * Orbit's worldwide collection of patent files. From a single Questel * Orbit database, users combine any field or display format found in other databases into a "super record." Users enter a display command and then Questel * Orbit retrieves the requested fields or formats, and integrates them in a continuous display.

Reader Response no. 300.



Bridgeway Software Inc. has released CorpCharts 5.2, as companion software to Bridgeway's Secretariat 5. Secretariat tracks information about a company from inception through its entire life cycle, including ownership history.

CorpCharts automatically extracts hierarchy information from Secretariat and provides a way to create complex corporate hierarchical charts, tracking all divisions, subsidiaries and related business entities.

Users can then tailor the chart's final appearance, and if the corporate structure changes, chart updates are highlighted in color for easier identification.

Reader Response no. 301.



DataTech Software Inc. has released an addition to its Quick&Easy Workers' Compensation automated legal forms software line. Quick&Easy Missouri Workers' Compensation Version 6.5 includes more than a dozen of the most commonly used Missouri Worker's Comp forms.

Users enter data via screens that exactly duplicate the forms, and once entered, information easily transfers to other applicable Quick&Easy automated workers' compensation forms.

The software calculates math functions, checks for misspellings and solves issues such as continuations and field overflow.

Reader Response no. 302.


BNA Renames Software

BNA Software has upgraded its fixed assets software, ND.desktop and ND.desktopPro (formerly called Next Dimension and Next Dimension Enterprise Edition).

Users can add assets by using a wizard, a single window interface, or a CSV file, and they can also review asset data is various ways. They can configure, sort, and view different lists of assets simultaneously, and review different views of different assets at the same time.

There is also a new asset type report that allows users to review the settings employed to compute depreciation.

Reader Response no. 304.


AAA Databases

CompuLaw L.L.C. has released a collection of arbitration hearing calendaring databases for attorneys who practice under American Arbitration Association rules. The set of 35 new databases covers every area of the AAA rules, and includes new rules for commercial, employment, international and labor law.

They are available on CD-ROM, or via download from the company's Web site.

Reader Response no. 303.


Express Share Tracking

Transcentive has launched the Express Share Tracking software for corporate equity management.

Designed for law firms advising emerging growth companies, the software provides a single source for equity information, and automates the activities of tracking securities (common and preferred stock, warrants, and stock options), issuing and auditing share certificates, and generating capitalization tables on demand.

Reader Response no. 305.


EBSCO Adds Journals

EBSCO Subscription Services Inc. has added new journals from seven publishers:

* The Fairmont Press is a multi-national publisher specializing in books and technical journals covering energy, environmental, and utilities issues.

* Palgrave Publishers is an academic publisher for the professional business and serious non-fiction markets.

* The Wall Street Transcript helps investors make better investment decisions when choosing stocks and sectors.

* Rapra Technology is a European, independent plastics and rubber consultancy.

* The Pharmaceutical Press is the publications division of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

* The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a society of aerospace engineers and scientists.

* Radcliffe Medical Press is a U.K. publisher of educational material in print and electronic media.

Reader Response no. 306.


SurfinGate 6.0, from Finjan Software Inc., is Web-based software that protects PCs by inspecting the behavior of downloaded code from the Internet (ActiveS, Java, Visual Basic Script, JavaScript etc.)

It blocks and logs malicious action, while users are notified by an onscreen alert. The centrally managed software allows companies to tailor security policies for departments and users, and manage and enforce Web content security policies, controlling what employees bring inside the corporate network.

Reader Response no. 309.

BestCrypt data encryption software for Windows XP, from Jetico Inc., keeps data encrypted while on the disk, and provides users with transparent access to it from any application program. It creates and supports encrypted virtual disks that are visible as regular disks, with correspondent drive letters (D:, K:, Z:, etc.)

Reader Response no. 310.

Second Sight 1.32, from iQuest-Online, is a surveillance application that records activities on a computer, while hidden from users.

It records the names of open windows and Web pages, records all keys pressed, and can capture screen images.

Reviewers can see everything the user saw, can read everything that was typed, and they can perform keyword searches.

Reader Response no. 311.

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