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Library Administration

Loislaw Debuts GlobalCite Service Inc. has introduced its new Web-based GlobalCite citation research service, that is now included with all LOIS Professional Library subscriptions, the company reports. Designed to compete with LEXIS-NEXIS' Shepard's and WestGroup's KeyCite services, the new GlobalCite allows researchers to check citations by searching for references to the citation in other cases within all of the libraries, the Van Buren, Ark.-based company explains. also announced new subscription options featuring state and federal circuit databases.

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CCH Research

Extensive customization, improved "help" functions, and greater flexibility are offered by the latest upgrades to the CCH Internet Research NetWork, reports CCH Inc., of Riverwoods, Ill.

Users can now create a customized "My CCH Desktop Favorites" page, and perform more actions from desktops prior to logging in, it says. A new "Login Express" feature allows researchers to bypass the regular login screen and to initiate searches, specify a document to be retrieved or launch their customized news page at the same time that they connect to the Internet, it says. Users of Microsoft Word versions 97 and higher can use Login Express to create hotlinks between citations in Word documents and materials on CIRN.

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Total Library Computerization data is available to users via FileMaker Pro's Web serving function and ODBC features. TLC uses networking and the Web for sharing information about library holdings. Tables of Contents of any library item can be viewed by users on the local network and also in the catalog record displayed on the Web.

Email buttons appear throughout TLC for use on the LAN by library staffers. Customized forms can be generated as email, not as attachments but as the entire body of the message.

FileMaker Pro 5.0 enables open database connectivity in TLC for those who need to import from or export to external compatible databases.

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Q Series 2.003

Electronic Online Systems International has announced the release of Q Series 2.003, the latest version of its library information management system that provides information retrieval with advanced searching options. The upgrade includes enhancements to location and date range specification controls for the "Biblio-graphic MARC Export" option, as well as improved integration of the "Serials" and "Circulation" modules, says the company, headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif.

The Q Series provides search tools, such as natural language querying, "hypersearching," concept searching and pattern matching. Other improvements include enhancements to the "serials reporting" functions, including a new system-wide setup option that allows the user to define call number hierarchy.

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CAS Libraries

Chemical Abstract Service, of Columbus, Ohio, has enhanced its CAS Registry database, and has added an initial set of 200,000 compounds to its CHEMCATS database of commercially available chemicals, along with supplier information.

CAS also announced that it is now including citations in CAS databases in SciFinder and the STN International network, to enhance researchers' ability to follow online research pathways from database records to full-text documents. CAS has made about 20 million citations

available online, from articles in chemistry related journals, plus patents from the European, German, U.S. and World patent offices, as of 1999.

It also introduced enhancements to its SciFinder desktop research tool, which include company name exploration; expanded access to full-text documents in the customer's corporate library; citation linking; and more.

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EBSCO Partnerships

EBSCO Subscription Services and epixtech inc. have announced the EDI X12 format claims are available to EBSCO Subscription Services customers using the Dynix integrated library system. An interface between the two systems allows Dynix customers to submit claims to EBSCO electronically, via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), they note.

Electronic claims (like their paper counterparts) are produced based on parameters defined by the library. Once a claim has been generated, the library prepares the claim using Dynix's "Process Electronic Serial Claims" menu option. The system builds a "Serial Item Contribution Identifier" file identifying which issue is being claimed. The generated claim is then sent to EBSCO via FTP, the companies explain.

EBSCO also announced new partnerships with publishers, to offer content on the EBSCO Online electronic journals service. European scientific publisher EDP Sciences, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, and The American Meteorological Society are among those offering their electronic journals. Full text electronic access is now also available to Current History Inc. content. EBSCO also has added links to Cambridge Scientific Abstracts products.

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Sirsi Corp. Updates

Sirsi Corp. has released the following upgrades to its systems:

  • Unicorn Library Management System 99.4 now features relevance ranking in search results in Sirsi's WebCat Online Public Access Catalog; optional sound files for selected functions at the circulation desk; and the ability to operate Sirsi's Hyperion Digital Media Archive and the Oracle-based version of Unicorn on Windows NT servers.

  • A new Web-based Software Update Service is available for the Unicorn Library Management System.

  • The Unicorn WorkFlows staff client, for the Unicorn Library Management System, now includes a Serial Control Wizard to manage all aspects of periodical, journal and supplement controls.

  • Unicorn QuikStart is an integrated library system designed for small libraries. The turnkey system includes a Windows NT central server, bibliographic and inventory control, authority control, WebCat with ReferenceLIBRARIAN, circulation control and SmartPORT.

  • Hyperion 2000 is a digital media archive package that provides software for both client and server; configuration and installation services; a three-day implementation and planning seminar; a three-day training workshop; and hardware configuration assistance for integrating scanners, servers, clients, and data storage devices.

Enter no. 336 after clicking here. is an Internet start page for librarians, reports the New York City company. It provides library-related current information, including databases and organized links to other Web sites. It features a "News Source" service, for news and issues about libraries, with articles drawn from major newspapers, newswires, university newspapers, library, education, and technology-related journals, and general interest publications.

Other features include "Site Source," listing more than 6,000 pre-selected research Web sites that have been cataloged in MARC format. "Review Source" contains current book and media reviews from Library Journal, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly.

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Canadian Books

Books in Print with Book Reviews -- Canadian Edition provides information on the Canadian publishing industry. Produced by Micromedia, it covers more than 1.7 million active titles, with 200,000 descriptive annotation and 350,000 full text reviews. It includes U.S. and U.K. titles distributed in Canada, and offers publisher information for 69,000 publishers and distributors.

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