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Portable Office

Palm to Buy

Palm Inc. has announced an agreement to purchase, creators of a Web-based calendar. offers a Web-based information manager that includes calendar, group calendars, address book, to-do list, events database and RSVP meeting/even scheduler functions. The product currently can be synchronized with the Palm IIIx unit, and the product will be integrated into Palm handhelds, the companies note.

They expect the technology to become the cornerstone for a personal, mobile portal, with services that can deliver up-to-the moment personalized information via handhelds, such as alerts of flight delays.

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HotSync Server

Palm also announced that it is now shipping the Palm HotSync Server and a Microsoft Exchange Conduit, offering IT handheld management and synchronization of Palm OS handheld computers with enterprise groupware and line-of-business applications. The Microsoft Exchange Conduit, developed by Chapura Inc., provides integration of Exchange email and calendar with datebook and mail applications of the Palm OS handheld. Handheld users connect to the HotSync Server via wire line or wireless modem, or through the standard desktop-cradle HotSync function.

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Docutouch and Palm

Seattle-based DocuTouch and have announced the release of free software that will allow users of Internet-enabled Palm OS devices to directly access DocuTouch online services. Downloads are available on's Web site, under the "communications" heading, the companies note.

DocuTouch is an ASP (application service provider) that helps users create, share and collaborate on files, sign documents with digital signatures and archive documents.

It uses Secure Internet Document Exchange technology for confidential, secure transmission over the Internet, the company explains. Earlier this year, the company announced a partnership with UPS, creating DocuTouch Secure Print & Deliver, which allows users to electronically send, print and deliver documents via UPS Next Day Air service.

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Notebook Computers

Dell Latitudes

Dell Computer Corp. has three new models of its Latitude series of notebook computers:

* The Latitude CS features an Intel Pentium II 400MHz processor; 13.3-inch XGA Active Matrix Display; reports Dell. It also includes 64 MB SDRAM; 4.8GB hard drive; 4MB SGRAM MagicMedia 256ZX Video; and weighs 4.3 lbs.

* The LS model sports an Intel Pentium III 400MHz processor; 12.1-inch SVGA Active Matrix Display; 64 MB SDRAM; 6.0 GB hard drive, Dell says.

It offers 2.5 MB SGRAM MagicMedia 256AZ Video; an integrated 56K capable modem and 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface; and weighs 3.5 pounds, reports the Round Rock, Texas, company..

* The Latitude CPt has an Intel Celeron 450MHZ processor; 12.1-inch SVGA Active Matrix Display; 32MB SDRAM; 6.0 GB hard drive; 2X AGP 8MB ATI Mobility Video; internal 56K capable Softmodem.

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The new VAIO C1 PictureBook Computer combines a digital camera with a small, but powerful computer, reports Sony.

The unit, which isn't much bigger than a summer paperback book, weights about 2 pounds and is a bit more than an inch thin. It includes Windows 98 2nd Edition Operating System, an Intel Pentium II 400 MHz processor and 12 GB hard drive, with 64 MB SDRAM, reports the company.

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Micron TransPort

Micron has debuted two new TransPort notebook computers:

The TransPort ZX offers an Imation SuperDisk drive for manipulating high-capacity files, and a choice of Intel's Pentium II, III or Celeron processors.

Like Micron's new TransPort LT notebook, it not only offers the new Windows 2000 operating system, but conserves battery power on the road by cycling processor performance down to a slower clockspeed while the system is being used on the battery. This creates less heat, and lowers fan cooling needs, it explains. Once the unit is running on regular power, it returns to normal clockspeed.

You want ports? You got ports on the ZX edition: It comes with two-way IR port, two USB ports, parallel port, serial port, DC input, video port, PS/2 keyboard/mouse connector, TV-out port, 204-pin port replicator connector, as well as support for two Type II or one Type III PCMCIA cards.

The LT version offers a sleek, slim magnesium case, and almost as many ports.

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LifeBook B Series

Fujitsu PC Corp. has introduced new additions to its LifeBook series of notebook computers, which weigh about three pounds, and offer touch screen capabilities. The B-series include a 10.4-inch display and large keyboard; integrated 56K v.90 modem and Ethernet local area network; Intel Celeron or Pentium III processor at 400-650 MHz; Windows 98 or 2000 Professional; and an optional USB digital camera.

The E-Series have a 14.1-inch display, built-in security panel and support for wireless IR mouse. The S-Series feature a 12.1-inch display. A new model has been added to the C-Series, which is targeted at those who want high-end multimedia features. Processors range from 500-650 MHz, and displays run up to 14.1-inch, says Fujitsu. The C-Series units feature an "Application Panel" with personal CD player -- a panel of four programmable buttons that can be used to launch Internet, e-mail and software applications, and allow users to listen to audio CDs.

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Presario 1200

Compaq Computer Corp. has released its "all-in-one" Presario 1200 XL-450 Internet notebook. The unit features an AMD K62-450 MHz processor with 3D Now! Technology; 12.1-inch HPA display; 32 MB RAM; 5.0 GB hard drive, 24X CD-ROM; 56K modem; and includes built-in JBL Pro speakers. Software includes Windows 98 operating system. Different configurations include the "Microsoft Featured Home Collection" (Microsoft Works 2000, Encarta 2000, Money 2000, and Word 2000) plus Word; or The Microsoft Office Small Business Edition Software (2000 versions of Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher, as well as Small Business Tools).

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IBM-InFocus Team Up

InFocus and IBM have announced the release of three new IBM projectors, manufactured by InFocus:

* The IBM iL2210 offers 650 lumens, in a small 4.8 pound package, that is ideal for mobile presentations, says the company.

* The IBM iL3120 is perfect for conference rooms, with 900 lumens and 7.4-pound package.

* The IBM iL 3230 is a "fixed installation" unit that offers DVD-quality video, XGA resolution, 1000 lumens and multiple connectivity inuts.

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MapPoint 2001

Microsoft Corp. has announced the release of MapPoint 2001, a standalone business mapping software product that helps users find and illustrate points on a map and integrate maps into Microsoft Office documents. It includes a fast routing feature to provide detailed maps and driving directions, with multi-destination routing; increasted customization options and detailed information for the U.S. and Canada. It supports Global Positioning System receives, allowing users to track locations while mobile.

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Delta Kiosks

Delta Air Lines Inc. has installed new self-service ticketing kiosks at Delta Shuttle locations in Boston, Washington and New York, and plans to roll out more in other cities in the very near future, reports Computerworld. The new system was designed by the airline's technology subsidiary, Delta Technology Inc., and features an electronic gate reader that processes boarding cards using bar-code technology and boarding software that provides flight summaries and passenger info such as updated seating charts, says the magazine. Passengers can access information about itineraries; flight schedule, gate and arrival/departures details, it notes. They can also access that information online, using wireless devises including pagers, cell phones, PDAs and handheld CDs, it says.

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