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July 2001
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Networking & Storage

Iomega Corp. has introduced several new products, including its Iomega DataSafe NAS 160 GB and 320 GB network attached storage servers. The servers incorporate Windows 2000 technology and offer multiple Ethernet connections and RAID 5 data protection.

The 320 GB server comes with a 50-seat license for Iomega's automatic client backup software, QuikSync 3. The 160 GB version includes a 20-seat license.

Also from Iomega:

* The Iomega 1 GB Microdrive miniature hard drive. The one-inch disk drive weighs 16 grams and stores data in the CompactFlash type II configuration. It is supported by handheld computers, digital cameras, and digital music players, and it supports data types including MP3, Text, JPEG, and voice. It comes with QuikSync software for automatic on-the-fly backup, and an optional type II PC card adapter.

* The 16x10x40x internal CD-RW drive with 16x write speed and 32x digital audio extraction speed. Bundled software suite includes Adaptec Easy CD Creator, Adaptec DirectCD, Adaptec Toast, MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, Adobe ActiveShare software, and a trial version of Iomega QuikSync software.

* The Peerless 10 GB and 20 GB external hard disk drives. Configured with a USB or Firewire interface module, they accept an infinite number of disks, and sustain transfer rates up to 15 MB per second with the Firewire interface module.

Information: Reader Response no. 243.

Xerox Corp. has released its Document Appliance; an independent, dedicated knowledge-sharing unit that comes bundled with Xerox's document management software, DocuShare. It features dual 20 GB hard drives, 128 MB of RAM, and Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connectivity. Ideally suited for workgroups of 10 to 50 people, it manages any file in its native format, and automatically notifies users via e-mail when content is updated. Dual disk protection safeguards uploaded documents held in the unit's digital repository.

Information: Reader Response no. 244.

MXDVD-Enterprise Library, from MaxOptix Corp., is a DVD-RAM library for Windows NT/2000, Solaris, and other major Unix platforms. The base model includes 436 media slots and two 9.4 GB DVD-RAM drives, but it can be scaled up to 1,840 media slots and 64 DVD-RAM drives, for a capacity of more than 17 TB. The design of its Type-1 cartridge-based DVD-RAM media prevents contamination from the manual handling of bare media.

Information: Reader Response no. 245.

RecoverySafe, from imagine LAN Inc., offers periodic, non-intrusive snapshots to protect the Registry and system configuration files on servers, networked clients, and occasionally-connected mobile clients. Restoration can be performed from within Windows and Safe mode, and on non-booting systems an SOS feature enables full restoration to a saved snapshot from command prompt modes, or from a recovery disk or CD.

Information: Reader Response no. 246.

Overland Data Inc. has released its LibraryXpress Neo Series, a tape library designed to eliminate single point failure by including hot-swappable drives, power supplies, robotics, and displays. It can employ DLT 8000, SuperDLT, and/or linear tape open Ultrium drives, and when configured with 16 drives the system is scalable from 1 to 24 TB of native capacity, and 21.6 to 460.8 GB per hour native performance.

Information: Reader Response no. 247.

The ASACA/SHIBASOKU Corp. has introduced its TeraCart Digital Virtual Library with an incorporated combination 4.7 GB DVD-RAM/R drive. It can be configured with 1 to 192 DVD-RAM/R drives, and up to 11,600 double-sided 9.4 GB DVD-RAM or DVD-R discs, producing capacities from 2.3 to over 109 TB.

The company also unveiled an embedded server option for its AM-750 7 TB and AM-1450 13.6 TB TeraCart DVD-RAM Libraries, that supports Windows NT, Solaris, and Linux operating systems.

Information: Reader Response no. 248.

MTI Technology Corp. has released its MTI Vivant S Series, a fibre channel storage area network-based storage appliance. The series features 1.7 to 6.8 TB of storage capacity, fully redundant architecture, and gives I.T. managers the option of consolidating storage for multiple servers.

Information: Reader Response no. 249.

Vicom Systems Inc. has released the Vicom Storage Virtualization Engine 2.5, a software and hardware package for integrating storage into a network. It helps users combine diverse physical storage devices into a pool of storage so multiple servers can share the capacity more efficiently. It provides centralized storage network administration with up to four-way mirroring.

Information: Reader Response no. 250.

Imperial Technology Inc. is now shipping the MegaRam-2000, a solid state storage accelerator. It provides more than 38 GB of storage in 3.5 inches of rack space. It supports 100 MB per second fibre channel or 80 MB per second SCSI connections, and has an access time of 0.035 milliseconds. It can be configured for independent and redundant data paths.

Information: Reader Response no. 251.

Serv-U 3.0, from and Cat-Soft, is an FTP server with native Windows NT/2000 service support. It features a new graphical interface, remote administration capabilities, and virtual paths, links, and directory mapping to provide safe access to files.

Information: Reader Response no. 252.

LaCie Ltd. has added a 180 GB external desktop drive to its Ultra160/LVD line. The 3.5-inch hard drive features 7,200 revolutions per minute, an 8.2 millisecond seek time, and transfer rates up to 75 MB per second in RAID; 47 MB per second (single drive).

Information: Reader Response no. 253.

The Computer Products Division of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. Inc. has announced the ColorTag series for DLTtape IV data cartridges.

Information: Reader Response no. 254.

TeleLAN, from TeleAdapt Ltd., connects Ethernet-equipped PC laptops or G3 PowerBooks/iBooks to any CAT 5 10/100 Ethernet LAN network for up to 100 MHz communications applications. It meets ANSI/TAI/EIA 568-A CAT 5e performance specifications.

Information: Reader Response no. 268.

Sneak Preview

Dell Computer Co. plans a late summer release for its PowerEdge 7150, an Intel Itanium-based server with 64-bit architecture. Dell says it anticipates the server will exponentially increase the amount of memory that the microprocessor can interact with in floating point performance, yielding faster execution of complex calculations. The unit will incorporate "machine check architecture," to compensate for processing errors and ensure greater data integrity.

Information: Reader Response no. 242.

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