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July 2001
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Try It! You'll Like It!

To lure young customers, West Group and Lexis-Nexis operate like heroin dealers: They let law students use their data bases for free -- until graduation, when they cut off the supply unless there's some cash on the table.

Well, West and Palm Inc. are taking that idea a step further. They are beta-testing a new Wireless Westlaw service with 50 Stanford Law School students, who have been given a free Palm VIIx handheld, six months of free wireless service, with built-in query services like MapQuest. (The students just have to pony up $100 for portable keyboards, and report on their experiences.)

The idea came not from West, but from Mitch Davis, Stanford Law School's associate dean, after he noticed that about 60% of students carried lightweight PDAs to take class notes, instead of laptops (which are mandatory at the law school.)

--Ashby Jones

Sage U.S. Holdings Inc. has announced an alliance with Wireless Verticals Inc. to introduce a handheld version of Carpe Diem Electronic Time Sheet.

Carpe Diem will help remote users wirelessly track time and expenses, says the company. It can be used with both the Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry handheld computers, or with the Palm operating system.

Information: Reader Response no. 218. &, a property of Union Square Technology group L.L.C., and SoftWise Consulting Services Inc. have announced an alliance to include SoftWise MacroSuite in's suite of applications. MacroSuite helps law firms customize macros to streamline the creation of legal documents.

Information: Reader Response no. 219.


Communication Intelligence Corp. has entered into a "Technology Partner Agreement" with Symbian Inc. to mutually support and market CIC's products for the Symbian platform. Products covered under the agreement include Jot, WordComplete, Sign-On, QuickNotes, and InkTools.

Information: Reader Response no. 220.

DataTech &

DataTech Software Inc. has announced an alliance with London-based Kramer Lee & Associates whereby the organization has secured exclusive UK distributorship of DataTech's thinkDOCS document assembly software.

Information: Reader Response no. 221.

Availigence &

Availigence has announced that Compass Technology Management L.L.C. will be a value-added reseller of Availigence's Internet infrastructure management services. The services focus on identifying network risk factors and remediating weaknesses.

Information: Reader Response no. 222.

Iomega &

Iomega Corp. has announced a joint marketing agreement with Adobe Systems Inc. that calls for information about Iomega's new Peerless drive and media to be placed on and in the boxes of Adobe Photoshop software packages. A trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements software for Windows and Macintosh will be included with Iomega Zip 100 MB and 250 MB drives.

Information: Reader Response no. 223.

Spin Off

Cincinnati law firm Graydon Head & Ritchey L.L.P., and Connie Cook Laug have formed a new consulting business, Client InSight L.L.C.

Laug will serve as president of Client InSight where she will provide consulting services in the areas of strategic planning, quality improvement, customer service, professional development, marketing, and communications.

Information: Reader Response no. 224.

Change Your Outlook

Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner L.L.P. has moved to: 900 Third Avenue, 23rd floor, New York, New York 10022-472. Telephone: 212-895-2000, Fax: 212-895-2900.

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