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July 2001
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Upgrade Fever

Upgrade Fever LexisNexis Group has created three LexisNexis Smart Tags that enable LexisNexis customers to link directly to the LexisNexis service from Microsoft Corp.'s new Office XP suite.

As users type addresses, person or case names, a purple line appears to indicate that the name has been smart tagged.

The LexisNexis customer may then mouse over the name or address and a drop down menu appears listing three available actions, explains the Dayton, Ohio-based LexisNexis Group.

Upgrade Fever From the "person" smart tag, researchers can check a person's name, news on a person, real property records, judgments, liens, bankruptcy records, and legal bibliography, it says.

From the "address" smart tag, researchers can check a person's address, real property records, judgments, liens and bankruptcy records.

Finally, from the "case" smart tag, legal researchers can find federal case law, state case law, news articles on the case, law reviews, verdicts and judgment information.

Information: Reader Response no. 255.


Buy! Buy! Rent?

Microsoft Corp., possibly riding the wave of the "application service provider" push, wants to change the way you buy software licenses. With its new "Enterprise Agreement Subscription" program, you can rent, rather than buy, your software.

Upgrade Fever According to Bill Henningsgaard, vice president of worldwide licensing and pricing, the new program is aimed at companies with more than 250 users, and is "a first step toward offering software-as-service." He stresses that "this is something some of our customers already want."

But perhaps another interpretation is that law firms, companies and consumers are buying fewer PCs. That means fewer boxes of software are being sold. And traditionally, law firms aren't always eager to be early adopters of new software.

So Microsoft's program could be a way to lure customers back into consistent payments. In exchange for a discount on volume licenses, companies would be compelled to upgrade to comply with their licensing agreements.

-- Anthony Paonita

Tech Secrets

Upgrade Fever A $6 crossover network cable can be your best friend.

Need a file from someone who doesn't have a floppy drive or

handy diskette? Or one that is too big to copy or easily e-mail?

Just plug the crossover cable into the network slots of just about any two computers running Windows 95+, and voila, instant network.

--Sheryn Bruehl

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