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E-Mail Management

JVC Digital Storage Systems has teamed with xVault Inc. to produce the E-Mail Management Solution.

The system includes xVault's xVmail software, bundled with JVC's MC-2000 Series CD/DVD Library Systems, the companies explain. It provides a comprehensive management and searchable archive system for incoming and outgoing e-mail, says JVC, as well as automatic disc printing to identify each archived disk.

It offers secure search and retrieval via Microsoft Outlook Plug-in or Web browser; facilitates e-mail policy enforcement; and helps minimize legal exposure associated with e-mail abuse (harassment, etc.), reports JVC.

The system is a standalone Windows NT-based setup that does not require client software and minimum operator assistance, according to JVC.

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Document Express Pro

Document Express Pro is a contact management and bulk e-mailer combination, that is based on permission marketing principles, reports the namesake company. The product is targeted at firms that want to communicate effectively with individuals who submit requests or require customer assistance from a Web site.

The interface allows Web site owners to download information submitted from the site directly into the Document Express database, it explains. The software then manages the information, and allows users to send bulk, personalized e-mails, with the built-in mail merge functions.

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Outback Plus, of Bloomfield, N.J., says its Outback Plus backs up e-mail, contact files and attachments with one click. Designed for use with Microsoft Outlook e-mail, it uses a compressed, zip-compatible archive to create small, easily-managed files. The program also protects signature and stationery files, it notes.

Outback Plus can be used to backup address book files, and its functions can be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler, to activate backup automatically at specified times. It also can be used to backup Internet Explorer "favorites" and "cookies," it says.

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KISS PostMaster

PostMaster Software Inc. says its KISS (Keep It Simple Solution) software allows users to send certified mail with two clicks. Compatible with Microsoft Word and other Windows-based applications (including word processing programs) it is up-to-date with bar codes for article numbers that are required by the United States Postal Service before June 10. It also offers updated Internal Revenue Service mailing address database, enabling users to access and print IRS office addresses.

A local area network (LAN) version is also available, the Boca Raton company advises.

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We-Comply, based in Mamaroneck, N.Y., is offering a free "E-Mail Privacy Quiz" at its Web site, It is designed to help clarify the rights of companies and employees, regarding the use of company e-mail, it says. It uses an "Ethical Pursuit" online board game to cover eight topics that arise in a typical "acceptable use policy" governing e-mail and Internet access. Among issues covered are the legality of e-mail monitoring; the purpose and scope of acceptable use policies; impermissible and improper uses of e-mail and Internet access; passwords and encryption; and penalties for violation of policies, says the company.

We-Comply has also developed a model "Reasonable Use Policy," designed for firms that want to allow greater employee privacy than typical AUP policies cover. The "reasonable use" document states that companies will not monitor employees' personal communications without a "clear and convincing," or "compelling" business necessity; tests understanding with a quiz; and obtains employee assent to the policy for company records.

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Xpedite, of Eatontown, N.J., has launched three versions of its MessageREACH product, an Internet-based enhanced e-mail service that provides control, tracking, security, personalization, automated administration and other tools for high-volume e-mail applications. MessageREACH can deliver multiple attachments and provide extensive reporting, says the company. MessageREACH+ allows users to broadcast text messages containing MessageREACH URLs for each recipient, linked to a document on the server, it says. MessageREACH+ ClickTo distributes messages with unique URLs for each broadcast recipient, but the URL goes to a Web site, not a document, it says.

Enter no. 323 after clicking here., Inc. has introduced voice-to-text messaging, using voice recognition through users' Web browsers. Users can receive both e-mail and voicemail via the browser, and the service does not require special software or a new phone number, the company explains. Users plug a microphone into the computer, and then can send and receive voicemail and e-mail through the browser. They also can speak into the computer, and convert the message into written e-mail, it says.

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MetroCall Inc.

MetroCall Inc. has partnered with Unbound Communications to provide wireless messaging products and services, and distribution for the VTech e-mail PostBox product series. MetroCall will provide both wireless messaging and information services for Unbound's Internet products, they say.

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Softnet Security Ltd., of Nassau, Bahamas, has announced the release of SafeIt, an e-mail encryption program. It incorporates a 480-bit long symmetric encryption key, yet users do not need to learn how to use the e-mail program. The software works with existing e-mail programs, it says. Once safe communication has been established with another user, a new key is automatically generated each time e-mails and attachments are exchanged, it says.

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