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Networking & Storage


BatchDisc, from Microtech Systems, allows the Microtech ImageAutomator CD-R production system to run multiple jobs without requiring a manual load of each master, says Microtech Systems. Twelve master discs can be loaded and assigned duplication quantities in one session. BatchDisc works concurrently with Microtech's CD-Remote for applications running on networks.

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Monster Floppy

The Monster Floppy, released by Caleb Technology, is a high-capacity drive capable of storing, reading and retrieving 144 megabytes of data. The portable media device incorporates hard drive technology with the mechanics of a floppy disk.

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Supermicro Server

Supermicro says its quad Pentium III Xeon server features a 16 GB SDRAM, Ultra 160 SCSI support, a 931 MB/second PCI I/O bandwidth, and five floppy/hard disk drive bays. It also includes nine mainboard expansion slots.

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OpenDisc ESW

OpenDisc ESW is a 32-bit pre-mastering software for Windows 95/98 which permits recording functions on CD-R and CD-RW discs, with either ISO 9660 formatting or the Universal Disc Format recording process. From CD ROM Inc. and CarSch Management Services Inc.

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Web Server Plug-In

Outside In Server 2.5 is a Web server plug-in that helps users view more than 200 different file types in any browser, without special plug-ins or applets. The upgrade integrates with Internet Information Server 5 on Windows 2000, and allows users to output XML compliant HTML. It offers "Cascading Style Sheet" support, and allows users to apply external style sheets to the HTML output. The software can convert content from several new file formats including Microsoft Project, Visio, and the latest office suite formats from Microsoft, Corel, and Lotus.

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CD-R Diagnostics 1.5t helps users of CD-R and CD-RW recorders recover data. It does not alter the CD itself, and can be used to make certain that a recording is free of errors and is completely readable on variety of CD-ROM drives. The program is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.

From CD-R Diagnostic.

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PowerTerm Java

Ericom Software, Inc. has released PowerTerm Java 2.0, which offers secure sockets layer security and system management tools. Users can run applications from the Web or any Java-enabled desktop with security. The client server design works with such hosts as IBM AS/400, IBM Mainframe, UNIX, HP, and Digital.

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JMR Electronics Inc. has partnered with CMD Technology Inc. to release the FORTRA 6-Bay with CMD Controller. The RAID enclosure product includes hot-swappable components and LCD controller display.

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Destructive Devices

CD ROM Inc. has announced that it has received a second patent on its DX-CD product, which destroys CD-ROM discs containing classified and sensitive material. It is available in an electronic model for routine use in firms and offices, and a manual unit for field portable operations, says the company. The patent, number 6,039,637, can be viewed at

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MediaFORM has produced a new line of network-enabled CD-R duplication and printing production systems. The CD-3703 ECLIPSE series uses inkjet or thermal printing and a 3 CD-R drive capacity. Other features include a network-ready, automated CD production system, allowing multiple CD images to be stored and duplicated from a local hard disk drive or from a Microsoft Windows NT Workstation.

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TeleMagic has released its TeleMagic NetClient, designed to work with any TeleMagic Enterprise V4.5 database to allow access to information over a Local Area Network or the Internet.

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Scenarist NT 2.0

Scenarist NT 2.0 is a DVD authoring software created by Daiken U.S. Comtec Laboratories. It is compatible with Panasonic's 5.2 Gigabyte DVD- RAM drive.

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DVD Replication

Ultera Systems' DVD-R MultiMaster is a mastering program for short-run DVD duplication. The DVD-R array controller allows up to 12 SCSI-based DVD-Rs to be connected to a single host, creating 12 DVD copies.

It delivers plug-and-play compatibility with all major platforms, including Windows 95/98/NT, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux.

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Overland Data Inc.

Overland Data Inc. says its SLR100 Autoloader features the company's "Variable Rate Randomizer data" coding technology. VR2-equipped drives can reduce data backup times while allowing more information to be stored on a single cartridge.

The company also unveiled an upgrade of its LibraryPro Advanced Intelligent Tape automated library, which can accommodate 19 AIT cartridges and be scaled up to nine modules.

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Fibre Channel SANs

ASACA Corp. says its new digital Virtual Libraries provide fibre channel storage area networks with direct access to data, video and audio files at gigabyte-speeds.

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Yosemite Technologies Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company will join forces to bundle Yosemite's storage management software, TapeWare, with the HP SureStore family of DAT and DLT tape drives.

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CDR Duplication

The new Mediatechnics Impact IP8800 CD-R duplication system, with automated loading, 800 disc capacity and optional 12x recorders, copies up to 105 megabytes per minute, per recorder and stores up to 6 GB of masters.

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Microtech Systems has upgraded its CD-Remote application so that it now interfaces with Microtech's MyDisc local and network desktop applications, ImageMakerEZ and BatchDisc. This offers more options for submitting, prioritizing and managing CD duplication and printing, says the company.

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StarNet Communications says its upgraded X-Win32 5.0 server is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It offers a redesigned user interface and new features, including thin client access to Linux/Unix servers and the ability to connect to multiple Unix and Linux host systems simultaneously.

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