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Security Update

Finjan Unleashes Free SurfinGuard

SurfinGuard is a free personal sandbox Internet security utility for PC users that protects computers from "malicious code" such as Trojan Horses and worms, says maker Finjan Software Inc.

SurfinGuard monitors executable programs (.exe) in real-time, looking for malicious behavior. It uses proactive technology to "sandbox" programs, and watch their behavior in the quarantined zone, and then block actions that violate a security policy, such as attempting to delete files, or open a network protection.

The technology does not require database updates, and allows the software to catch new viruses and attacks, it says. The utility is especially useful for PC users with "always on" cable or DSL lines. SurfinGuard monitors Internet downloads from e-mail or the web.

Finjan has also released SurfinGate 5.0, a Web content security product that scans Java, ActiveX, JavaScript and other code for hostile behavior. The upgrade includes digital certificate support, allowing it to scan Microsoft Authenticode certificates. It offers advanced active content filtering by URL, as well as new graphical reporting capabilities and a new management console.

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Sanyo VCR

The DTL-4800 is a digital time lapse VCR from Sanyo Security Products Division. It is ideal for situations where high resolution (520 lines horizontal) and recording on tape are required, says the company, based in Chatsworth, Calif.

It offers a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 48dB, providing virtually noise-free recording, it says. Twelve multiple recording modes range from 12-hour to 960-hour and tape capacity is 37 GB when using ST-180XZES tapes. The unit provides alarm contacts to activate recording, and offers the choice of frame or field recordings. "Time-Date" can be turned on and off in recording and playback modes.

The DTL-4800 incorporates Sanyo's Security Serial Protocol which allows bi-directional communication between the unit and Sanyo's VSP-7000 controller using RS-485 or it can be controlled by a personal computer via RS-232C.

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Anti-Piracy Software

EverAd Inc. has integrated anti-piracy messages into songs downloaded from its music site, A variety of anti-piracy banners are displayed during PlayJ's regular rotation of ads that encourage users to learn more about digital content theft. PlayJ also encrypts its downloads with a code that prevents the unauthorized duplication of copyrighted music to digital and analog formats.

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Achilles' Shield

Achilles' Shield software works with anti-virus programs to protect PCs between anti-virus updates, says It helps prevent viruses, worms, malicious code and Trojans, (including the hijacking "Distributed Denial-of-Service Trojans"), from damaging PCs during the period of vulnerability known as the "Achilles' heel" of traditional anti-virus software.

Achilles' Shield prevents viral activity on a hard drive, regardless of whether the virus comes from the Internet, a floppy, as an e-mail attachment, or is hidden in a zip file, it says.

Achilles' Shield for Networks includes a "Network Toolkit," that offers additional security features, such as the ability to certify macros with MacroPass; preventing users from disabling the protection; and storing each hard drive's system- critical elements.

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