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June 2001
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PerfectLaw Synchs With MS Outlook

PerfectLaw Software Inc. has announced that its PerfectLaw DataSync software now supports two-way synchronization with Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook and Palm Pilot, for "Case" or "Group-ware" items, such as contacts, appointments, tasks, and e-mail.

It can read Outlook personal folders, or Exchange public folders and mailboxes, and can update the programs in real-time or under user control.

Information: Reader Response no. 257.


Boxlight LCD

Boxlight has introduced two new polysilicon LCD projectors:

* The 5.7 pound XP-5t features 800 ANSI lumens with 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. It includes component video input and HDTV/EDTV compatibility; digital zoom imaging, and a manual zoom lens.

* The MP-38t, at 15.2 pounds, features 2500 ANSI lumens with 1024 x 768 XGA resolution. It includes digital scanning for video images; and is HDTV compatible.

Information: Reader Response no. 258.


Olympus Camedia

Olympus America Inc. has introduced two new digital cameras:

* The Camedia Brio Zoom D-150 features 3X optical zoom and 6X digital telephoto zoom capabilities; an f2.4 f4.3 auto focus Olympus zoom lens; pop-up flash, and shutter release times under one second.

* The Camedia D-510 Zoom offers a 3X optical zoom f2.8-f4.4 lens with 9X digital telephoto zoom; a 2.1-megapixel interlaced CMY CCD; and a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

Information: Reader Response no. 259.


Lap Genie

Lap Genie Ltd. has introduced the latest version of its Lap Genie, an adjustable platform for laptop computers, books, and writing surfaces.

The 1.7-pound device fits across the user's waist.

Information: Reader Response no. 260.


Sprint Wireless

Sprint Communications Co. has announced availability of two Wireless Web for Business Starter Kits for Sprint PCS users. The Application Starter Kit includes a choice of 10 phones; 10 "Total Digital Connection" rate plans for three months; and 10 seats of software.

The Modem Starter Kits deliver wireless Internet browsing comparable to a 56 kbps landline dial-up connection, and include 10 modems.

Information: Reader Response no. 262.

Insure Against Wild Kitties

Insure Against Wild Kitties The Signal and offer insurance to cover handheld computers and modems against damage, even from unexpected disasters caused by rambunctious children, over-enthusiastic puppies or clumsy kitties. Lost, stolen, or broken handhelds will be repaired or replaced, usually within three days. Cost of the insurance depends on the MSRP of the unit, but is usually less than $5 per month.

Information: Reader Response no. 261.

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