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June 2002
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The LawMarketing Portal has launched eLawMarketing, a new branded e-mail service in partnership with Envoy Messaging designed to help law firms, bar associations and other legal professionals send branded, personalized e-mail news letters, invitations and alerts to a targeted list of people.

The service offers branded mastheads, photos and other graphics for visual appeal; personalized ("Dear John") salutatoins; "invite a friend" forms to encourage "viral" marketing to peers and colleagues, and more.

Reader Response no. 298.

Microsoft Outlook users can protect their computers from e-mail virus or worm attacks, advises Redmond, Wash.'s Microsoft Corp. The Outlook E-Mail Security Update can block access to certain file types that can spread dangerous code for users of Outllok 98/2000. (Outlook 2002 already offers the service).

Reader Response no. 299.

Marshal Software, of Atlanta, has released the latest edition of its MailMarshal for Exchange software that provides e-mail content management for Microsoft Exchange 2000.

It works directly with the Exchange Message Store to monitor e-mail text and attachments, reports the company. When combined with the SMTP version of MailMarshal, it can filter e-mail content coming into and exiting a firm, as well as internal mail.

Reader Response no. 300.

GFI, of London, has released MailSecurity software that utilizes multiple anti-virus engines and can monitor threats and content. It checks attachments and screens incoming and outgoing e-mail for dangerous payloads, the company reports.

The software extends the functions of GFI's Mail essentials software, and is available in both a VS API (virus scanning API) edition that integrates with Exchange Server 2000, and as a gateway that can be used with any SMTP server.

Reader Response no. 301.

Fookes Software, of Geneva, Switzerland, says Mailbag Assistant 3.0 is a Windows message organizer designed to save time and frustration when you are buried in e-mail.

It can search every available message folder, monitor e-mail for virus attachments, sort mail into logical groups, and archive mail for easy reference.

Reader Response no. 306.

Xequte, of New Zealand, has introduced MailList King 4.0, an upgrade to the company's mailing list management software. It allows most e-mail software to function as a mailing list server, and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe and send to multiple list groups ­ with full support for acknowledgments sending, personalized messages and undeliverable message processing. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and MAPI compliant programs.

Reader Response no. 307.

NotePage Inc., of Hanover, Mass., says PageGate 4 is a complete text and SMS messaging system that incorporates the latest protocols for sending messages via the Internet to pagers, mobile phones and other wireless devices. It supports SNPP, WCTP and SMTP protocols, the company reports. The service offers redundant modem support and direct serial connection support.

Reader Response no. 308.

Caelo Software Inc., of Nelson, B.C., has debuted Nelson Email Organizer 2.5. The new edition helps users of Microsoft Outlook organize e-mail and reduce "e-mail overload," the company reports. It works with Outlook message stores and Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes.

Reader Response no. 338.

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