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June 2002
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Quick Takes

Break Dance

Break Dance APPLE Computer Corp. gives Mac users free Web space via "iTools," where most folks put baby pictures or home movies. Not James Carusone. Apparently using his Mac and Apple's iMovie software, he's fashioned a rap video based on a "performance" by Microsoft Corp. C.E.O. Steve Ballmer. You'll have to see it for yourself. Critic's comment: MTV won't be playing it anytime soon, though you have to give Ballmer points for an impassioned delivery.

-- Anthony Paonita

* * * *

bcc: hazards

Break Dance E-MAIL has become so ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives that we sometimes overlook or forget the obvious. When you are sending an e-mail from Microsoft Outlook to multiple recipients and do not want to divulge the addresses of the other recipients, remember to enter the e-mail addresses in the bcc section of the "Select Names" dialog box.

To access this section, click on either the "to"or "cc" button to the left of the e-mail address field. Enter the e-mail address in the "bcc" dialog box. None of the e-mail addresses will appear with your message. So whether you are being driven by e-mail etiquette or legal constraints, remember the "bcc" field.

Another little-known fact about the "bcc" field that people do not realize until it may be too late concerns the use of "Reply All." If you receive an e-mail as a "bcc" recipient, and you use "Reply All" to send a response, the response will go to all recipients -- including individuals who did not know you were a bcc recipient. The only way you will know you are a "bcc" recipient is by examining the "to" list to see if you show up on it or not. (If your name doesn't appear you are "invisible" and may want to think twice before replying to all.

-- Michael Kraft
Kraft Kennedy & Lesser Inc.

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