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June 2002
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Security Checkpoint

SurfSecret Software, of New York, has released SurfSecret 4.5, which destroys cache files created by browsers when surfing the Web.

New features include a context-sensitive help system to help the user navigate the more then 50 privacy features, an instant-messenger cleaner, and Java and ActiveX cleaners. SurfSecret 4.5 also cleans tracks in document, run and find menus as well as the recycle bin.

Reader Response no. 207.

Information Security Corp. has released SecretAgent 5, the latest edition of its file encryption utility that helps users encrypt and /or digitally sign any type of file. ISC has added new "Advanced Encryption Standard" and "Triple DES" ciphers for bulk encryption. RSA, DSA and Elliptic Curve public key schemes are employed for key agreement. Digital signatures are in compliance with all relevant Federal Information Processing Standards and ANSI, ISO and IEEE standards, it says.

Reader Response no. 208.

High Tech Aids is a new security consulting company in the "automatic identification and data capture" arena. Based in Gibsonia, Pa., it will focus on education, training, and standards.

Reader Response no. 209.

Panda Software, of Los Angeles, is advising all Microsoft Internet Explorer users to download a new security patch to protect against a computer virus called Klez.1 worm. It spreads rapidly by sending itself out via an MTP connection to all entries in the Windows address book, then randomly overwrites executable files in the system and releases a virus called W32/Elkern.C.

Patch: security/bulletin/MS01-020.ASP .

Reader Response no. 210.

Tracks Eraser Pro is Internet privacy protection software that erases all traces of Internet activity. It can be scheduled to execute at user-defined intervals. From

Reader Response no. 211.

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