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Don't Know No Geography ...

Re: "SnapShot," Page 12, April 2002.


Last time I checked, Charlotte was in North Carolina, not South Carolina.

Believe it or not, they are two distinctly different states.

Amanda A. Folk
SCANA Services, Inc.
Columbia, S.C.

Editor Monica Bay replies: Oooopps! I guess that shows my California roots. I'm (relatively) new to the East Coast. Mea culpa, and thanks for giving me an excuse to play with my new Microsoft Maps & Streets software.

* * * *

What's Important

Re: "Tech Circuit," May 2002: "John Tredennick's Earthquake," by Monica Bay.


Sounds to me like Ms. Bay has been listening a bit too closely to unnamed "critics" who might be worried about their own reimbursements.

"Political in-fighting?" I can't speak for anyone else, but the Law Practice Management section that I've been active with for the past 20 years is built on a foundation of volunteerism, hard work and collaboration.

That John Tredennick, at a time of fiscal crisis, would seek to focus the section's limited resources on its core strengths strikes me as a sign of clear, straight- forward leadership.

Section actives need to take a good hard look at what's important and what isn't.

Meanwhile, the broader LPM section membership should feel encouraged that the incoming chair is pursuing a course of accountability and restraint rather than just passing along the vested-wannabe travel costs as another "unavoidable" dues increase.

Burgess Allison
L.P.M. "active"
McLean, Va.

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